e na hora de nossa adoração? quase acreditei!

churros por 1 real. a staple food for us missionaries here in embu-guaçu

a view from the window of one of the apartment buildings we work in

´´mayan calendar´´


I have small monkeys in my basement… como sim? if you´re a maniac!

two of the adorable kids… we were eating chocolate. obviously

Sister Palqui, eu, Alice, Taina, e Matteus

​other funny frases from this week:-moleza PURA (S Palqui
-Moroni casou? cada e NTM? (S Moreira)
-It´s almost the country but its not (E Valenzuela)
-ela é uma referencia de Deus!

BOM DIA FAMILIA! Isn´t it just a wonderful day to be alive? This weekend I felt so blessed and full of joy. The gospel is wonderful and I love being a missionary!

*Monday night Sister Dalton called ´´just to see how we´re doin´´… Presidente and Sister Dalton are so inspiring. They are the essence of being worthy of the Spirit and following a prompting. You can feel the pure love of Christ that they have for everyone. It is such a blessing to serve with them here.
*Tuesday we had zone and district meetings. Afterwards Sister Palqui and I made the 2 hour journey to Santo Amaro for an interview with Presidente Dalton! I renewed my temple recommend (in portuguese <3) and learned lots of things. How grateful I am for my covenants and the opportunity to renew them every week at sacrament meeting.
Sister Linda K Burton said,´´The best way to strengthen a home, current or future, is to keep covenants.´´
We managed to get home at 8:45 that night… Bispo here in Embu-Guaçú said that when you read in the scriptures ´´confins da terra´´ ou seja ´´ends of the earth´´, read instead EMBU-GUAÇÚ. Haha we live far from everything else and I absolutley love it.

*Wednesday we felt our faith increase, invited people to come unto Christ, and had a great day.
*Thursday I learned more about prayer and how I can better my prayers with my Heavenly Father. We also met with a less active family. They have 4 kids and the moment we entered their home I just fell in love with this family! They are wonderful, humble, and funny. Their kids are beautiful and have strong testimonies. Now they just need to come back to church so they can be sealed for eternity!
*Friday was a long day of planning, walking to lunch (only 30 minutes there and back) and eating lots of food, and following up with our investigators about church on Sunday.
*Saturday everything seemed to be falling through and ficando moley but we kept the faith and ended up with a good day of teaching, inviting, and following up!
*Sunday was a special day. We had three investigators during sacrament meeting, a gospel principles class full of recent converts/less actives/ AND investigators, ate lunch with Bispo and were able to talk about the needs of the members, and had an AWESOME reunion with Robson that left me pumped and ready to WORK. Seriously, I love this area. That night I had a wonderful study about joy… interesting fact: in the scriptures joy is directly coorelated with OBEDIENCE and MISSIONARY WORK. No wonder why I feel so happy!! Obviously I´m not perfect but I have the privilege and responsibility every day to preach the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Ain´t no better thing folks.

Great scriptures:
-2 Nefi 9
-Alma 29:9
-D&C 101:32-39
-João 16:22

​I ❤ Brasil São Paulo Interlagos!

novas sisteres + embu guaçu = doida e precisando dormir

Bom dia!!

Parabéns to all you folks who are getting married and having babies. Way to help the Kingdom of God grow! 😉 haha but seriously, congratulations y´all!

Tender mercies and little miracles this week:
-last Monday we headed to Filipinho (a ´´neighborhood´´ in our area) for a family home evening. we made a cake to bring but it was very hot and we were short on time. we gathered our things, said a prayer, and the cake had cooled! we left the house and arrived on the bus stop just at the very moment our bus arrived. THAT NEVER HAPPENS! We hopped aboard with out delay. All of those we invited to the family night didnt come.. but we were able to fortify our recent convert Alice, teach an 8 year old boy about the plan of salvation, and help a young couple commit to reading the scriptures and praying every day. It was a wonderful family night!! We left the family home evening. It was close to 9 o´clock at night and guess what… we got to the bus stop at the same time the bus we needed to return home arrived. MILAGRE!! Seriously, 2x in one day?! Blessings.

Tuesday morning I woke up and my eye and toe were all healed!! Mom, don´t worry but one day I woke up with a little bit of a swollen eye and a nasty cut on my toe. It hurt to walk for about a week but I knew all would be well. I don´t have time to be sick/tired/in pain/etc and the Lord is sure blessing me.
Tuesday continued to be a day of blessings. We had estrogonofe for lunch (MY FAVORITE BRASILIAN MEAL), a less active (who reminds me of Dad) who opened up that he needs to come back to church, AND…. a beautiful, strong lightning and rain storm ❤

Wednesday we had another wonderful lesson with a less active. She knows she needs to read the Book of Mormon and committed to finishing before Natal! Wahoo! Also we saw Tereza and Tatianne, two of our investigators who moved to another area. Tatianne told her mom, Tereza, that she felt the Spirit strongly when she prayed about the Plan of Salvation and that she wants to know more about the Church.

Thursday was a little bit slow. Sister Palqui and I were both a little agitated (no clue how to spell that word) with things that were happening… appointments falling through, etc but I decided to just throw myself into contacts (when we stop people and invite them to church, learn more, etc). Our very last contact for the night was a woman who was very opened. Unfortunatley she is working the elections right now so we marked a visit and she accepted to be baptized next month!

Friday. WOW. We walked to Val Flor (about an hour and 15 minutes one way) for lunch and came back to finish weekly planning. Elder Rosa (from Capo Verde, Africa) received word a few days prior that his parents would be sealed in Recife templo but because he didn´t have money, he thought he wouldn´t be able to go. Friday Presidente Dalton called telling him to get himself to Santo Amaro as fast as possible. He went and flew to Recife to witness the sealing of his parents in the House of the Lord Saturday morning. We all felt such joy and gratitude towards Heavenly Father for this priceless gift He gave Elder Rosa. Now we´re praying for a temple to be constructed in Capo Verde so Elder Rosa´s siblings can be sealed to their parents. 🙂

Sunday was one of the best testimony meetings I´ve experienced here in Brasil! Relief Society was a bit… rough but hey, we go to church for our covenants, not for the people. I had a wonderful study reading Mosiah 2 and that brings us to now!

I´m happy, healthy, and at home here in Embu-Guaçú. Today I´m going to try and buy an adapter to charge my camera… sorry for the lack of photos (Dad) but it´s one of my goals this week so rest assured, I´ll have photos next week!

All my love,
Sister Wolfgramm

just so you know, i dont wear capsleeves in public

FYI: If you wondered what the white animal was in her post last week, she said it was a horse!

Transfer calls happened and I´m staying in Embu-Guaçú!! Wahoo! Sister Palqui and I will continue serving together this transfer and we are excited. I love this area. I will try and take more pictures because it is so beautiful!

Monday I ate mint milano cookies. It was a tender mercy and yes, they are just as delicious as I remembered.

Tuesday we had our district and zone meetings which were amazing as always. I am so grateful for the leaders we have. They are inspired and I can´t express in words how grateful I am for men of God who honor their Priesthood responsibilities. I am grateful for blessings that require us to excercise our humility and faith and the Holy Spirit which testifies of the love of God.

Wednesday I had a neat experience during studies. The past two weeks or so I had a question in regards to the gospel. I have a sure testimony that when questions or doubts come, the best solution is to study it out in our minds, look to the scriptures, and be patient. God will answer. Wednesday as I was studying the scripture, the answer came. It came so clearly and so peacefully.

Thursday was a funny day. I don´t remember that last time I laughed so hard nor do I remember that last time I ate so much meat!! Irmão kept putting more pieces of meat on our plates and wouldn´t take ´´im full´´ for an answer haha

The rest of the weekend was good and interesting and spiritually draining as is this work. Im out of time but I love yall! Until next week.

Sister Wolfgramm

E este sucinho é BOM, viu?!

That´s a quote from our ward missionary leader, Robson (pronounced Hobson), who taught the gospel principles class on Sunday about tithing. He is hilarious, an incredible teacher, and reminds me a lot of Dad.

The days are going by faster and faster and I feel like I have less and less to say- not that things arent happening but that 1) time is too short 2) we do a lot of things every day and 3) its easier to explain in Portuguese so if yáll could help me out by asking WHAT things yall want to hear about… I would appreciate it 🙂

This week my testimony was strengthened about the Atonement and a importância do sacramento (I give up trying to translate things in English), caridade, fé, leaders inspired by Heavenly Father, and the little things in life that make life wonderful. Ive been studying the attributes of Jesus Cristo these past two weeks and am excited continuar estudando.

I love being a missionary and all that comes with it. I love Brasil- these people, their culture, their testimonies. I love the gospel which teaches us to be better than we were in ALL aspects of our lives.

​Florida- the other Sisters´ area

​walking to lunch one day

​rua indo para nossa área

​batismo de Alice!! 🙂

´´Se Deus quiser´´ = biggest excuse in the world

*let me know when y´all get my letters… I mailed them last week. Some will arrive in 15 days and others in a month.

Hello my beautiful and happy family! I love yáll! This past week I studied humility in Preach My Gospel chapter 6. I love this chapter and that through the Atonement of my Savior, Redeemer, and Master Jesus Christ I can be forgiven and change myself for the better. It is such a freeing experience to make changes.

Speaking of changes Presidente Dalton gave us two new rules for our mission… we can not attend a sacrament meeting unless we have an investigator there and rule #2 is that we have to attend sacrament meeting every week. Kinda looks like we´re stuck between a rock and a hard place but with faith and by the sweat of our brow, vamos voar!!! I love Brasil. This week is gonna be legit.

My companion and I are doing great. We laugh a lot especially when she starts to sing the Mario theme song. We´ve got a lot of work to do still and we´re gearing up ready to go.

Not much else going on. Thanks for the emails and prayers. I sure love yáll but there´s no other place I´d rather be.

´´Meus dores não são maiores de que meu potencial.´´- by our ever wise, ever patient, ever happy district leader Elder E. Silva. He´s the same age as Parker.

(My pains are not greater than my potential)

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary.
Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

o que ela não sabe é que ela era um contato…

Alice received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday! It was the sacrament meeting of surprises and noises but it still went well.

I was able to see Sister Kuster last week where she told me about our recent converts Marildes and Leandro. They are firm in the faith, have callings in the Church, and preparing to attend the temple to be an eternal family next April!! My heart was so happy.

Also we found out that if all the members of São Paulo would attend the temple one time every month (I think…), São Paulo would be in consideration for 2 or 3 more temples!! WE HAVE WORK TO DO.

This week Sister Palqui and I are excited to get to work finding new investigators and helping those who have lost the faith return back. We are laughing and learning. Life is great!

Food for thought: A month ago what did you pray for? Often times we plead to Heavenly Father and then down the road a bump comes along. We think why me?! and then if we´re lucky the Holy Ghost will bring to our rememberance that very thing we pleaded for days, weeks, months, or years prior. Often times our trials/challenges/etc dont come in the ways we want BUT answers to prayers ALWAYS come.
Other food for thought: ´´Who we are is not who we can become.´´ This has two sides. If we are in a rut looking for change, it gives us hope for a better tomorrow. If we are in the place of peace and tranquility it gives a warning of storms that can come.

I love you all, time is flying by (literally. I have 2 minutes left on the computer) so until next week!

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm