Everytime you say ´sup´, the answer is ´nothing´

Hello family and friends! First off, thank you so much for the love, emails, but most importantly the prayers that yáll are sending my way. I really appreciate them. Every Monday for the past few weeks I´ve struggled… it´s not that I don´t love yáll, it´s just that every Monday I´m faced with the ´friendly reminders´ that my time is finishing up here in Brasil. I love being a missionary and serving these people here in Brasil. I don´t want this time to end. Thankfully I still have some time left and I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will help me when the moment comes for me to return. Everytime I start to think, read, or hear about it I start to get these big tears streaming down my face. I don´t want to come home because it means I will have to give up my calling- my life- as a full time missionary.

but enough about this- I´ve still got time and I don´t want to cry anymore today, haha

ENTÃO… This week we had our normal meetings with the district and zone on Tuesday, another meeting with Presidente Dalton, um pocinho doença, and an awesome planning session to find more people to teach and bring to The Church.

Tuesday we learned about faith, ways to improve our teaching skills, and the importance of prayer.
Wednesday we woke up at 4 AM to catch a bus at 5:30 AM to go to Santo Amaro for our meeting with Presidente Dalton. The meeting finished around 5 PM and we arrived home in Embu-Guaçú around 10 PM. We were exhausted but learned so much!
Presidente Dalton taught about SONHOS (dreams) and establishing METAS (goals)…. it was so good!!!

S– ser realista
O– objetivos específicos
N– no papel
H– horário determinado
O– olhar diariamente
S– Ser Supremo

or in other words,
D– deadline
R– realistic
E– etched in stone
A– always reviewing
M– measurable
S– Supreme Being

As it was my last multizona conference, they asked that I gave my testimony. I cried of course.
Wednesday I woke up with an upset stomach and during studies it because obvious that I was dehydrated… so I drank some gatorade, slept, and studied after calling Sister Dalton. Thankfully Thursday I woke up with energy and little pain and by Saturday the pain was completely gone!

We had five investigators at church on Sunday, we made goals to find more people to teach, and rumor has it that this week we´ll get to go to the temple and watch General Conference! I am SO EXCITED. and I invite you all to make a list of questions, doubts, problems, etc and bring that list with you to General Conference. I promise if you listen with ears to hear, you will hear counsels from the servants of the Lord specifically for YOU.

Sister Wolfgramm


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