ah- ah- ahCHURCH!

(we can´t proselyte infront of other places of worship but sometimes my companion forgets so we made up that little trick to help her remember. now everytime we see another church, we ´sneeze´ and start laughing haha)

Alrighty so Dad emailed a few questions and since I still have 30 minutes on the computer I thought I´d answer them!

*how was Church on Sunday?
Church was great! We had 5 investigators at church, I played the piano, and the talks were about the Priesthood, Word of Wisdom, and the Sacrament. Sister Palqui and I taught the Primary kids about fasting, and then in Relief Society we learned about where we should put our treasure: in our families and in Heaven.

*how many lessons are you teaching a week?
Usually we teach about 20 lessons or more each week. There are a lot of people in the streets because not everyone has cars. It is very easy to teach people about the Restoration or Plan of Salvation, etc in the very street! The people are very receptive to listen, but not always to ACT. 🙂

*how has the MTC helped prepare you for your field mission?
Good question… in the MTC I learned that this is the work of the LORD. It is by His grace and His Spirit that we can do ANYTHING- teach, learn, invite, walk that extra mile, etc. That lesson has carried with me into the field. I also learned that everything is in God´s timing. When my visa didn´t arrive back in March of 2013 I was so frustrated but then a wise leader told me that I would go where the Lord needed me, I just needed to be humble and willing. I obeyed and was blessed with miracles for 9 months in Iowa. Then I came to Brasil and had another 9 months of miracles. The Lord truly is in charge.

*what have you learned since then AND you’re last area?

What have I learned since the MTC?! HA! What HAVENT I learned?!?! You can pick any principle of the gospel and more than likely my testimony has been strengthened in that principle.
Embu-Guaçú… I´m still learning 🙂

*Looking back at your companions, how have they helped you grow and how are they in the gospel?
I have been so blessed with every one of my companions. Each of them have taught me to be more Christlike. From one companion I learned the importance of laughter, the other I learned the importance of the Atonement, another fasting, another diligence, etc. Almost all of them have come from families with members in-active in the gospel, as well as family members who aren´t members of the Church. I have learned to be grateful for the family and circumstances that I have. I have learned that the Lord prepares us for things that we will face.

*How are the members doing?
The members in Brasil are full of faith. They work hard for what they have and are so willing to give it all away if asked. Most of them are converts to the gospel and it is easy for them to share the gospel. They open their mouths, exercise their faith, and they aren´t ashamed of their membership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


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