we belive in being honest, true, chaste, marvelous…

hope yáll are enjoying the fotos! im trying to take at least 2 a day.

Before I forget, this little clip is beautiful. How was everyones week?
Our week was good. We taught, we learned, we laughed, we had all of our investigators not go to church, and this week we are doing a ´´cleansing´´ to find out those who are willing to progress! wahoo!
Random: I love this scripture story.
I don´t have much else to say… things are going good here. This past week was rainy and cold but we were blessed with good health and the best calling in the world: preaching the gospel!

Yesterday was ward conference. We talked about lots of things including our purpose here on the earth, the importance of seminary, and eternal families. It was a great day because despite the rain, we had 140 people at sacrament meeting!!! (usually when it rains here we have less than 100… sad)

This week we have a reunion with Presidente Dalton about setting goals and making plans. I am excited!! Im ready to learn and apply. Uhhh Im sure I have more to say but I can´t think of anything right now. I love yáll! I´m happy and loving my mission. We have living prophets and apostles called by God.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- this was a nice little tender mercy. hope it helps one of yáll as well


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