I have small monkeys in my basement… como sim? if you´re a maniac!

two of the adorable kids… we were eating chocolate. obviously

Sister Palqui, eu, Alice, Taina, e Matteus

​other funny frases from this week:-moleza PURA (S Palqui
-Moroni casou? cada e NTM? (S Moreira)
-It´s almost the country but its not (E Valenzuela)
-ela é uma referencia de Deus!

BOM DIA FAMILIA! Isn´t it just a wonderful day to be alive? This weekend I felt so blessed and full of joy. The gospel is wonderful and I love being a missionary!

*Monday night Sister Dalton called ´´just to see how we´re doin´´… Presidente and Sister Dalton are so inspiring. They are the essence of being worthy of the Spirit and following a prompting. You can feel the pure love of Christ that they have for everyone. It is such a blessing to serve with them here.
*Tuesday we had zone and district meetings. Afterwards Sister Palqui and I made the 2 hour journey to Santo Amaro for an interview with Presidente Dalton! I renewed my temple recommend (in portuguese <3) and learned lots of things. How grateful I am for my covenants and the opportunity to renew them every week at sacrament meeting.
Sister Linda K Burton said,´´The best way to strengthen a home, current or future, is to keep covenants.´´
We managed to get home at 8:45 that night… Bispo here in Embu-Guaçú said that when you read in the scriptures ´´confins da terra´´ ou seja ´´ends of the earth´´, read instead EMBU-GUAÇÚ. Haha we live far from everything else and I absolutley love it.

*Wednesday we felt our faith increase, invited people to come unto Christ, and had a great day.
*Thursday I learned more about prayer and how I can better my prayers with my Heavenly Father. We also met with a less active family. They have 4 kids and the moment we entered their home I just fell in love with this family! They are wonderful, humble, and funny. Their kids are beautiful and have strong testimonies. Now they just need to come back to church so they can be sealed for eternity!
*Friday was a long day of planning, walking to lunch (only 30 minutes there and back) and eating lots of food, and following up with our investigators about church on Sunday.
*Saturday everything seemed to be falling through and ficando moley but we kept the faith and ended up with a good day of teaching, inviting, and following up!
*Sunday was a special day. We had three investigators during sacrament meeting, a gospel principles class full of recent converts/less actives/ AND investigators, ate lunch with Bispo and were able to talk about the needs of the members, and had an AWESOME reunion with Robson that left me pumped and ready to WORK. Seriously, I love this area. That night I had a wonderful study about joy… interesting fact: in the scriptures joy is directly coorelated with OBEDIENCE and MISSIONARY WORK. No wonder why I feel so happy!! Obviously I´m not perfect but I have the privilege and responsibility every day to preach the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Ain´t no better thing folks.

Great scriptures:
-2 Nefi 9
-Alma 29:9
-D&C 101:32-39
-João 16:22

​I ❤ Brasil São Paulo Interlagos!


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