novas sisteres + embu guaçu = doida e precisando dormir

Bom dia!!

Parabéns to all you folks who are getting married and having babies. Way to help the Kingdom of God grow! 😉 haha but seriously, congratulations y´all!

Tender mercies and little miracles this week:
-last Monday we headed to Filipinho (a ´´neighborhood´´ in our area) for a family home evening. we made a cake to bring but it was very hot and we were short on time. we gathered our things, said a prayer, and the cake had cooled! we left the house and arrived on the bus stop just at the very moment our bus arrived. THAT NEVER HAPPENS! We hopped aboard with out delay. All of those we invited to the family night didnt come.. but we were able to fortify our recent convert Alice, teach an 8 year old boy about the plan of salvation, and help a young couple commit to reading the scriptures and praying every day. It was a wonderful family night!! We left the family home evening. It was close to 9 o´clock at night and guess what… we got to the bus stop at the same time the bus we needed to return home arrived. MILAGRE!! Seriously, 2x in one day?! Blessings.

Tuesday morning I woke up and my eye and toe were all healed!! Mom, don´t worry but one day I woke up with a little bit of a swollen eye and a nasty cut on my toe. It hurt to walk for about a week but I knew all would be well. I don´t have time to be sick/tired/in pain/etc and the Lord is sure blessing me.
Tuesday continued to be a day of blessings. We had estrogonofe for lunch (MY FAVORITE BRASILIAN MEAL), a less active (who reminds me of Dad) who opened up that he needs to come back to church, AND…. a beautiful, strong lightning and rain storm ❤

Wednesday we had another wonderful lesson with a less active. She knows she needs to read the Book of Mormon and committed to finishing before Natal! Wahoo! Also we saw Tereza and Tatianne, two of our investigators who moved to another area. Tatianne told her mom, Tereza, that she felt the Spirit strongly when she prayed about the Plan of Salvation and that she wants to know more about the Church.

Thursday was a little bit slow. Sister Palqui and I were both a little agitated (no clue how to spell that word) with things that were happening… appointments falling through, etc but I decided to just throw myself into contacts (when we stop people and invite them to church, learn more, etc). Our very last contact for the night was a woman who was very opened. Unfortunatley she is working the elections right now so we marked a visit and she accepted to be baptized next month!

Friday. WOW. We walked to Val Flor (about an hour and 15 minutes one way) for lunch and came back to finish weekly planning. Elder Rosa (from Capo Verde, Africa) received word a few days prior that his parents would be sealed in Recife templo but because he didn´t have money, he thought he wouldn´t be able to go. Friday Presidente Dalton called telling him to get himself to Santo Amaro as fast as possible. He went and flew to Recife to witness the sealing of his parents in the House of the Lord Saturday morning. We all felt such joy and gratitude towards Heavenly Father for this priceless gift He gave Elder Rosa. Now we´re praying for a temple to be constructed in Capo Verde so Elder Rosa´s siblings can be sealed to their parents. 🙂

Sunday was one of the best testimony meetings I´ve experienced here in Brasil! Relief Society was a bit… rough but hey, we go to church for our covenants, not for the people. I had a wonderful study reading Mosiah 2 and that brings us to now!

I´m happy, healthy, and at home here in Embu-Guaçú. Today I´m going to try and buy an adapter to charge my camera… sorry for the lack of photos (Dad) but it´s one of my goals this week so rest assured, I´ll have photos next week!

All my love,
Sister Wolfgramm


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