just so you know, i dont wear capsleeves in public

FYI: If you wondered what the white animal was in her post last week, she said it was a horse!

Transfer calls happened and I´m staying in Embu-Guaçú!! Wahoo! Sister Palqui and I will continue serving together this transfer and we are excited. I love this area. I will try and take more pictures because it is so beautiful!

Monday I ate mint milano cookies. It was a tender mercy and yes, they are just as delicious as I remembered.

Tuesday we had our district and zone meetings which were amazing as always. I am so grateful for the leaders we have. They are inspired and I can´t express in words how grateful I am for men of God who honor their Priesthood responsibilities. I am grateful for blessings that require us to excercise our humility and faith and the Holy Spirit which testifies of the love of God.

Wednesday I had a neat experience during studies. The past two weeks or so I had a question in regards to the gospel. I have a sure testimony that when questions or doubts come, the best solution is to study it out in our minds, look to the scriptures, and be patient. God will answer. Wednesday as I was studying the scripture, the answer came. It came so clearly and so peacefully.

Thursday was a funny day. I don´t remember that last time I laughed so hard nor do I remember that last time I ate so much meat!! Irmão kept putting more pieces of meat on our plates and wouldn´t take ´´im full´´ for an answer haha

The rest of the weekend was good and interesting and spiritually draining as is this work. Im out of time but I love yall! Until next week.

Sister Wolfgramm


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