E este sucinho é BOM, viu?!

That´s a quote from our ward missionary leader, Robson (pronounced Hobson), who taught the gospel principles class on Sunday about tithing. He is hilarious, an incredible teacher, and reminds me a lot of Dad.

The days are going by faster and faster and I feel like I have less and less to say- not that things arent happening but that 1) time is too short 2) we do a lot of things every day and 3) its easier to explain in Portuguese so if yáll could help me out by asking WHAT things yall want to hear about… I would appreciate it 🙂

This week my testimony was strengthened about the Atonement and a importância do sacramento (I give up trying to translate things in English), caridade, fé, leaders inspired by Heavenly Father, and the little things in life that make life wonderful. Ive been studying the attributes of Jesus Cristo these past two weeks and am excited continuar estudando.

I love being a missionary and all that comes with it. I love Brasil- these people, their culture, their testimonies. I love the gospel which teaches us to be better than we were in ALL aspects of our lives.

​Florida- the other Sisters´ area

​walking to lunch one day

​rua indo para nossa área

​batismo de Alice!! 🙂


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