o que ela não sabe é que ela era um contato…

Alice received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday! It was the sacrament meeting of surprises and noises but it still went well.

I was able to see Sister Kuster last week where she told me about our recent converts Marildes and Leandro. They are firm in the faith, have callings in the Church, and preparing to attend the temple to be an eternal family next April!! My heart was so happy.

Also we found out that if all the members of São Paulo would attend the temple one time every month (I think…), São Paulo would be in consideration for 2 or 3 more temples!! WE HAVE WORK TO DO.

This week Sister Palqui and I are excited to get to work finding new investigators and helping those who have lost the faith return back. We are laughing and learning. Life is great!

Food for thought: A month ago what did you pray for? Often times we plead to Heavenly Father and then down the road a bump comes along. We think why me?! and then if we´re lucky the Holy Ghost will bring to our rememberance that very thing we pleaded for days, weeks, months, or years prior. Often times our trials/challenges/etc dont come in the ways we want BUT answers to prayers ALWAYS come.
Other food for thought: ´´Who we are is not who we can become.´´ This has two sides. If we are in a rut looking for change, it gives us hope for a better tomorrow. If we are in the place of peace and tranquility it gives a warning of storms that can come.

I love you all, time is flying by (literally. I have 2 minutes left on the computer) so until next week!

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm


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