He spiritually served in Brasil

Transfers happened on Tuesday!! We went to Santo Amaro where nearlly all of the mission met to be transferred. I saw Sister Kuster, Sister Varela, and Sister Carvalho! (and others). While sitting in the chapel I turned around and saw PAULO E THAYSSA!! Remember them from Jardim Mirna? Without thinking I jumped up, ran, and threw my arms around them and just cried. I didn´t think I would see them again! We laughed because I actually spoke portuguese to them instead of sitting quietly on the sofa during the lessons. haha OH it was incredible! After a few hours we headed back to Embu-Guaçu with my new companion Sister Palqui…. from Peru!! We still work in Embu-Guaçu and live with Sister Phillips and Sister L. Silva. From the moment they arrived it´s been different in the house. We cleaned the house like mad on Tuesday (it was NASTY) and we can feel the Spirit stronger. We laugh, we hug, we work, and we feel so blessed. There´s not contention anymore! Yay!

Wednesday we had incredible meetings with the district and zone. Elder E. Silva (DL) asked me to give a training about our purpose as missionaries with an emphasis on baptism and the temple. I ended up talking about our covenants. I think it went well. I got a letter from the Prices (in Winterset) and they told me Sister Matley is training!! Parabéns! Time is going by freakishly fast… Our tender mercy for the day was that a man who sells churros (YUM) gave us 50 centavos to pay for the onibus returning from our area to the house. In case you all are wondering, we are broke. haha I have greater appreciation for the apostles when the Lord told them to ´´take nothing for their journey… no bread, no money in their purse.´´ The Lord truly provides for His missionaries wether it be providing 50 centavos or a dozen eggs from a member on Sunday.
Thursday we WORKED.
Friday we found a family of …. I forgot but they have 3 sons who live with them. Their names are Rosa and Wilson. They came to church yesterday and LOVED it! Yesterday we also taught their son Clayton and he accepted to be baptized on 10th of August. We are going to mark a wedding date with Rosa and Wilson today so their family can be baptized and be sealed next year! We also taught the Restoration to a young man and his step dad. It was incredible. I learned so many things as did they. Wellington (the young man), when asked how he felt after the 1st vision, said, ´´I´m learning a lot of new things I didn´t know before.´´ We asked if he believed Joseph Smith really saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. Wellington responded that he believed. We then helped him identify the Spirit that he was feeling. His eyes lit up and he said, ´´Yes! That is exactly how I´m feeling right now!´´ His step dad said something that stuck with me- ´´I like the way in which you two speak.´´ He then said we spoke in a different maneira, or way… we again testified that we were speaking by the Spirit and that he had found the answers he was looking for.
The rest of the week was spent working. When I first met Sister Palqui she said, ´´My two rules are obedience and following the Spirit. We have to have the Spirit especially in a companionship.´´ I just smiled, hugged her, and thanked Heavenly Father because those are MY two rules!! I feel so blessed to be working with her in Embu-Guaçú. This transfer vamos voar.
Sunday two senhoras entered the church building. I sat with them and after sacrament meeting asked them their story/who had invited them. One Senhora named Valdivina responded, ´´The Lord Himself called me to come.´´ She then related a dream she had the previous week. Her sister, the other Senhora named Domingas, also had a unique experience. She received a pamphlet from the missionaries two weeks ago by the cemetery. Domingas brought the pamphlet home to Valdivina where Valdivina recognized one of the photos of Jesus with a woman (at the well or tomb, not sure) as the same woman who had appeared to Valdivina in a dream.

Miracles happen every day if we only have spiritual eyes to see them. How happy I am being a full-time missionary. There is nothing better.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- I am out of time but next week I promise I will try and send pictures!


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