O tipo de anela que fala, ´´I´m single´´?

Pros about living with 3 other Sister missionaries:-you have more appreciation for growing up with only brothers
-if you happen to live with those who don´t understand English, you can sing your feeling in the melody of a hymn and they have no clue! (Sister Phillips and I like to do this)
Cons about living with 3 other Sister missionaries:

Hello family and friends! This morning we got transfer calls. Sister Boulangger will be transferred and I´m staying in Embu-Guaçú! If y´all havent guessed from the first part of the email, the past three weeks have been… interesting. It´s been a lot of just keeping my mouth shut, praying, learning patience, and apologizing when needed. I am grateful for my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that no one is perfect and that through the Atonement of our Savior and Redeemer we can be freed from guilt, pain, pride, and increanse in love towards our fellow brothers and sisters.

Tuesday we went to the temple in São Paulo. It was also an interesting experience but the tender mercy was seeing Sister KÜster walk in the temple doors! We were able to sit together in the Celestial Room and afterwards at lunch we talked, laughed, hugged, and cried. I love her!
Wednesday we had an incredible zone meeting and about the temple and families. We took a moment to reflect on what we´ve learned from each member of our family. How grateful I am for my loving family and the things I´ve learned from each one of you. Our Zone Leaders asked the question, ´´What does it mean to have an eternal family?´´ I´d like to prose the same question to y´all.

My first thought was in regards to the quality of our family life. An eternal family is a family that applies and understands gospel principles in every level of relationships and organization within the family. An eternal family, for me, is one that works, laughs, cries, forgives, learns, serves, and grows together as a family unit. An eternal family is a family that puts our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the center of the home. We learn from scriptures that eternal life refers to duration as well as quality. I believe the same applies to eternal families.

I love this gospel and the privilege and responsibility I have to better myself and help my fellow-beings. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives me a priceless perspective on every action, thought, and goal I have in my life. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives me a priceless perspecetive on every relationship I have with every person I meet. I am not perfect but the gospel is.


Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- maybe one of these days I´ll send photos!


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