Eu não sou brasileiro, sou chilean.

THE WORLD CUP IS OVER. Never again do I have to stay in the house. Blessings I tell ya.

Before I forget I have a favor to ask of Eli and Tate. In my zone there are two Elders who are converts to the church. Their families don´t write them often and they would like a letter or two. Here´s the trick… they only know Portuguese so do you think y´all could show your skills and send them each a letter? Their names are Elder C. Santos and Elder E. Silva. You can send the letters to the same address you send my letters. Ok? Thanks so much!

So this week we stayed in the house Tuesday, Thursday (my companion was sick), we didn´t work Friday (interviews with President Dalton), and then stayed in the house Saturday and Sunday. It was ridiculous. haha but thankfully I learned patience last week so I was still happy 😉 I got to read the Book of Mormon and write in my journal! and sleep…. so that´s always a blessing.

Interviews with Presidente Dalton were amazing! He is a man who follows the Spirit and has a grand vision of the temple. Speaking of temples we are going tomorrow!!! Sister Boulangger will receive her patriachal blessing on Friday and on Sunday Alice will be baptized! We´ve got a great week ahead of us.

I love being a missionary. I love the gospel and the things I am learning every day.

Know that I love and pray for y´all daily and I can feel the prayers offered in behalf of the missionaries. I love this work.

Sister Wolfgramm


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