Alemão, fala inglês! Ele não é Alemão, ele é Americano…

I just like reading emails, why do I need to write one?! Kidding… kidding…

This past week went by extremely fast although I felt that we hardly worked. Embu-Guaçu is wonderful. I love this place! Tuesday we taught our investigator Alice. She is incredible. SO prepared. She will be baptized the 13th of July and we are so excited. She has been to church two times, we fasted with her Saturday to quit smoking, she has incredible faith, and the ward loves her. I´ll be sure to send a picture next week.

So like I said, I felt that last week we hardly worked which was very frustrating for me. Clearly Heavenly Father is teaching me patience…. which I am developing 🙂 Saturday and Sunday I prayed and studied the relationship between patience and obedience. For example, I have the desire to work and be exactly obediente but I have to respect the agency of other people. I think I´m beginning to understand how I can respect and use both without loosing the Spirit which is key… because if I don´t have the Spirit of God with me, I can´t do anything in this work.

Wednesday my companion was sick so…. we stayed in the house. again. haha (patience, remember?) Earlier that day we had district and zone meeting. I met a new Elder whose family moved to IOWA CITY!!! I about jumped for joy. People of Iowa (and family)- I am coming back in October or November. OK? Seriously. During our reunions we learned the importance of teaching about the plan of salvation, laws and ordinances, and overcoming fear. I love being a missionary and I am grateful for the things I am learning here every day.

Thursday we had an incredible meeting with Presidente e Sister Dalton- our new ´´mission parents´´ They were sealed in the Logan, UT temple and Sister Dalton´s parents served in New Zealand. OH! and Presidente Dalton served as a Zone Leader thirty years ago in Santo Amaro!

We learned so many things and he announced some changed in missionary work/our mission. We now speak one day in Portuguese and one day in English. (only when we are in the house or alone on the street)… Its gonna take humility for all of us to obey this rule but here´s the promised blessing: I WILL LEARN PORTUGUESE FASTER. WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Friday Brasil played so we stayed in the house. again. (patience) Saturday we finally worked and I gave a impromptu talk at a 9 year old´s baptism. Sunday Alice came to church, we had a delicious meal with coconut ice cream, (A mission is a funny thing. For example, the foods I didn´t like before, now I love!!) and went with our recent convert to hear our stake patriarch.

OH before I forget, Happy Birthday America! (Sister Phillips- from WA) and I sang the national anthem on Friday 🙂
-Here in Embu-Guaçu everyone loves flying kites and lots of people ride horses to the market. This is my dream I tell ya. Love this place!

Até logo!
Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- I love Brasil
and if someone could send me the game scores of the world cup, Id appreciate it.


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