´´Sou um anjo´´…. ´´Lúcifer era um anjo também!!!´´

another funny quote from this week: ´´Hock e Holl´´ (português translation of ´Rock and Roll´ hahaha)

Tuesday was a normal day followed by a night of saying good-bye to the people of Santo Amaro. I can´t believe how quickly almost 15 weeks have gone by! Wednesday we arrived at the chapel for transfers…. and two hours later my new companion arrived! I am serving with Sister Boulangger. She is from Peru, has 4 months in the mission, likes to joke around and laugh, and is the youngest of 7 kids!

We are serving in…. EMBÚ-GUAÇU!!! (Emboo- gua-soo) It means cobra grande in Indian. The drive was GORGEOUS. We are in the middle of the florestas and for the first time in my mission I am in another city! Not just another neighborhood of São Paulo. I´m still adjusting to the relaxed atmosphere (unfortunatley with some of the missionaries…) but I refuse to compromise the importance of obedience! The ward needs strengthening and we have a lot of work to do. You know those moments when you can feel deep within you that something wonderful is about to happen? I had that feeling right before leaving Santo Amaro and while driving to Embú-Guaçu, the feeling just kept growing! I think I´ll finish my mission here… Honestly no one really knows but for now, I think this will be my last area. I FINALLY feel like I´m getting the hang of things as a missionary. Time is going by so quickly.

The rest of the week we taught people, had 2 investigators at sacrament meeting, stayed in the house on Saturday because of the jogos, and adjusted some more… We live with two other Sisters- Sister Rodrigues (de Espirito Santo, Brasil) e Sister Phillips (de Washington, USA). Sometimes I feel like the ´´black sheep of the family´´ because of how I do things but I love them and we are all adjusting 🙂

I love being a missionary. I know this gospel was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that today Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of our days. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. When I read it I understand more clearly the characteristic of God, His will for us, and the commandments that must govern our lives if we are to return to live with Him.

Amo meu Pai Celestial e meu Salvador Jesus Cristo com tudo meu coração. Amo voces e sou grata pelo seu apoio. O evangelho é verdadeiro.

Sister Wolfgramm

This website is incredible and this announcement gave me chills…. we truly are in the latter-days…


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