Quando eram um nene, voces fizerem comida como tren? Choo Choo

I dont know where to start! So I´ll just start throwing out random things:

-A big church moved to another location so now we can do contacts in front of the empty building! wahoo! (seriously… I thought I had seen big churches before. ha! the ones back home are TINY compared to the churches here…)

-Eu amo suco (last week we ate at a restaurante where they have fresh suco (juice) from fruits. SO GOOD.)
-We had a ´cut to the chase´ lesson with our less actives. We walked in the house and could feel the absence of the Spirit. It was enough to make me cry but I fought back the tears. We testified about the importance of kneeling and praying as a family every night. It shows humility, love, and oedience. If we arent feeling the Spirit in our lives we need to quickly evaluate the BASICS: prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. I have never before walked into a home and felt immediately that the family wasnt doing family home evening each week. It was an interesting experience and one that definitely left a mark on me.

Tuesday was Brasil´s game so we had district and zone meeting and then stayed in the apartment.
Wednesday and Thursday we stayed in the apartment as well because Sister Carvalho´s leg has been giving her trouble. I about went CRAZY being cooped up for three days but finally after a visit to the hospital and talking with Presidente Pinho, we were able to work a little on Friday!! Wahoo! Saturday we worked, I had an INCREDIBLE study about the Sacrament/Plan of Salvation/and Atonement, our Elders helped us with a ´blitz´ in our area (so grateful for them!) and Sunday we managed to bring our less active to church but no investigators. Honestly Sunday was annoying… after church. Church was incredible, I learned a lot, we helped our less active rapaz go to church but literally ALL of our investigators ran away from us. Seriously. We saw them on the street and they ran away. We laughed and then after I was annoyed. haha but now Im happy again.

Being a missionary is being on a roller coaster but I love roller coasters so of course I love being a missionary.

Monday night I got a call from Assistente Cole saying I will be transfered tomorrow. I am excited for the opportunity to serve in another area and help Heavenly Father´s children. I have got a lot to learn and do and the time is flying by faster and faster. It is scary.

Sorry I am a bit scatter brained today. We´ve got a lot of things to do and not enough time to do it! I love you all and pray for you daily. I know this gospel is the true way to eternal joy. Have family prayer and scripture study every night, ok? and family home evening every week. Ok? I know we will receive blessings.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- We did a contact two weeks ago but he lives in the Elders area. We passed on the reference and he will be baptized the first weekend in July!!


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