loco é poco. ficamos doido.

HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!! -I feel old when I realize my companions have 3, 6, and 9 months on the mission. Sister Kissner is almost a year old! How has time gone by so fast?
-Did you know that people here don´t slam the car door? It drives them crazy…. and its a sure way to spot an American. Im working on being more ´gentle´ haha its become a game now. How quietly can Sister Wolfgramm shut the car door?! If you slam the car door the saying is that you grew up without a refrigerator in your house…
-Last Monday I wrote 7 letters.
-Tuesday we dropped our investigator, Cicero. I cried afterwards. Its hard being a missionary. Missionary work requires everything of your mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual strength but it is WORTH IT. I love being a missionary and I am so grateful for the comfort of the Spirit. When we do all that we can to help people return to our Heavenly Father and they choose not to, we can be sad for a little bit but we have a hope in Christ that we did our part.
-an Elder gave me mint chocolate chip icecream gum… I tried it during Brasil´s game and wow…. saudades de mint chocolate chip icecream! haha So far I havent found any here in São Paulo but its all good. Theres plenty of other delicious things.

Wednesday we saw the tender mercies of the Lord. We found a new investigator and invited him for baptism! He accepted and now we are working with him to go to seminary and church. (He is 15 years old) and all I can think of when I see young men or boys are my brothers. Its motivating for me to help these boys here in Brasil because I know that Heavenly Father will help MY brothers there in Georgia. I love you Parker, Hamilton, Tate, and Eli more than you know!!

Thursday was the first game of the WORLD CUP! Honestly, besides the fireworks and the fact that no one was in the streets- it was pretty tranquilo. Brasil won 3-1 (although they scored a goal on themselves…). We had district and zone meetings in the morning, lunch, and then returned home to do weekly planning. Tomorrow is another game for Brasil so we will stay in the house after lunch and write letters. OH! and next week we will be emailing on Tuesday because there is a game on Monday.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key. Yesterday we stayed in the mission office for a long time. Sister Carvalho had an interview with Presidente Pinho so I got to ´hang out´ with other missionaries. I love the missionaries here. Just like in Iowa, I am so grateful to be serving with them. They are hilarious, inspiring, and have strong testimonies about the gospel. We are not perfect but its amazing to see what the Lord can do with a bunch of teenagers.

I love you all! Until next week!
Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- this is gonna be good. spread the word.
and this? Awesome.


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