Isso era bem antes o batismo filhos

Im staying another transfer in Santo Amaro!!! WAHOO! Sister Carvalho and I will be doing WORK here in Santo Amaro. We are going to talk to everyone every single day and we are going to see MILAGRES. I am so ready.

This past week was a spiritual butt-whoopin and it was LEGIT. It started off Tuesday with great role-plays (where we practice teaching) about inviting the members in our ward to entregue O Livro de Mórmon with their friends or family. Afterwards we basically had a thanksgiving feast with an American family in our ward. There were 10 missionaries there for lunch and we laughed so hard. It was hilarious. I love these missionaries. Serving with them is a privilege.
Thursday we had a mission reunion because Presidente and Sister Pinho will be finishing their mission in the next week or two. It was incredibly spiritual. We talked about obedience, being worthy, working hard, having faith, and just being a representative of Jesus Christ! The meeting lasted all day and just left me with this fire in my heart to work and give the Lord my all.

That fire continued when on Saturday we had stake conference. IT WAS INTENSE. Elder (dont remember his name) from the Seventy laid down the law about opening our mouths and sharing the gospel. He called up two missionaries and the Stake President, gave them an assignment to find and commit 3 families to come to stake conference the next day and 15 minutes to do it.
Then Sunday was a high and low of the week… we got to hear from Elder Ballard and Elder Scott via broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Scott spoke português!! The low was that we dropped our investigator and no one came with us to Church. BUT we had a delicious lunch with Bishop and his family and ended the night with them for their family home evening 🙂 I love this ward!

Alma 37:46 is a beautiful scripture. I found it during language study. The gospel really is that simple and hopeful.

Sister Wolfgramm
P.S- I have pictures to send but the computers not working. Better luck next week.


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