Ah, então voces não comem sushi de peixe…

Ok so the lan house is playing Jack Johnson and Nickelback… interesting mix but it is messing with my brain big time! The first 5 minutes I didnt understand anything they were singing… and now they are playing 80s music.

Im just gonna hit the ground running with this week´s report.

Segunda: Went out with Ellen (pronounced Ellie), a member in our ward. We tried to visit less actives and found a senhora who was extremeley frightened of us…. it was weird. and sad. We had a lesson with Cicero afterwards where we found out his older brother passed away. It was a heavy walk home that night but we felt the Spirit and our testimonies fortified of the plan of salvation.

Terça: District and Zone meetings! We set goals to change up how we do contacts in the streets, and scriptures that fortified our faith in this work. Afterwards, while waiting for lunch at the church building, we sang (and I played) Primary songs. The Spirit was incredibly strong. Tuesday morning I prayed and said to Heavenly Father, ´´I would just really like to play the piano and sing hymns. Its been a while and Im mising it.´´ Tender mercy 🙂
We ate a DELICIOUS meal of stroganoff and roasted vegetables. OH I love vegetables. On the way back from the chapel we saw a famous Brasilian person. Apparenly he is the anchor on a show ´´Melhor do Brasil´´. Sister Carvalho was star struck. haha We visited Ellen at night when we received a call that our meeting with Elder Andersen was cancelled. We were instructed to stay in our houses the entire day- to not talk with anyone and to return home as soon as possible.

My mind went into `mother mode´…. well a mixture of father mode tambem. I started thinking of everything we had in the house (food and water… dad, remember how often you say the word ´´inventory´´… yeah, totally did that) what we needed to do, who we needed to talk to before the next day, etc. We followed the orders to return home as soon as possible and that night I kept thinking of the importance of being prepared. The church and gospel teach us the importance of being physically and spiritually prepared. Because we were prepared, we didnt fear. True, we didnt understand all that was happening. We had questions, we wanted to know where other people were and if they were safe and prepared, but we did not fear. How grateful I am for this principle. The simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace to the soul.

Quarta: we stayed in the house and only answered calls from our missionary leaders. Sister Carvalho laughed while I sang the songs of Backstreet Boys and NSync (at her request). I spend some much needeed TLC on my feet, and I made Sister Carvalho very jealous of an American Christmas…. hehe. We also had a companionship inventory where we discuss the strengths and weakenesses of our relationship. In regard to my strengths SC said, ´´Well… your strong point is you like to eat.´´ hahahaha Its true. but I do eat healthy, I promise. Normally in the house I eat fruit. Oh, Wednesday we saw and heard helicopters ALL DAY LONG. We live close to the terminal Santo Amaro (where all the onibus are located) so lots of reporters/police/etc were flying by.

Quinta: oh we learned lots of things this day… Its been quite the experience training missionaries but especially Sister Carvalho. Truly I am learning a lot and this day as I sat next to Sister Carvalho in our house, I felt charity. I also received very personal revelation about my future role as a woman in God´s kingdom. My mission is shaping my life in every aspect. I know it and I can feel it. I am starting to understand a bit more about the plan God has for me. Its humbling, exciting, and fills me with immense gratitude.

Sexta: we had interviews with Presidente Pinho. I love that man. He is truly inspired by God. He understands all of his covenants and is a great example to me. He talked and comforted me and said that saving a missionarys life is more important than a baptism. He thanked me for my service, for my example, and the love I have for the Lord, my companion, and the work. Oh I forgot to mention I studied Luke 24 this day. It is such a beautiful chapter that talks about the temple, sacrament, and the techniques we need to learn and apply as missionaries (or teachers, parents, etc). Convite: read and study this chapter.

Sábado: WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! We got special permission from Presidente Pinho. We spent almost 10 hour in the temple. Even though everything was in Portuguese I understood a lot more of the covenants I have made. It was absolutley heaven being in the temple for 10 hours. I couldnt have asked for anything better. It had been 5 months since the last time I went to the temple…. way too long if you ask me. After the temple we had a bit of another break down with Sister Carvalho but everything is good now. I am so grateful for the temple. I am grateful for the peace that is felt inside and for the covenants and blessings we receive.

I have more to write but am out of time. I love you all and will try to include everything next week.

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm


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