´´Muito, muito, muito bom. muito bom mesmo. de verdade.´´

aka what my companion says at least 10 times a day. I can also quote her prayers… ok, only the first part. #joysofbeingwithaperson24/7 haha but seriously life is good. and can I just say that having an hour and a half on email is such a blessing?!

P.S- Sister Matley is serving in Winterset!!! My last area in Iowa!!! Tenho saudades de Iowa and I can´t wait to return- after my time in Brasil 🙂
-I dont know if this is happening in the states but here the boys pants are super chique with weird buttons instead of zippers. its the weirdest thing.
-when you mind is elsewhere, the saying in portuguese is ´´viaja no mainoese´´ translation: taking a trip in mayonese.
– faith with out works is dead but the opposite applys as well… work with out faith is dead. if you are reading your scriptures, praying, searching for an answer with out the faith that you WILL receive an answer…. guess what, you wont get an answer. just some food for thought this week.

So this week was interesting, as always. We had trainings, meetings, long planning sessions, companionship inventories, visiting less actives (who havent been visitied in over 20 years….), finding and dropping new investigators, and a spiritual lesson with our only investigator Cicero.

Sister Carvalho is doing well. She is learning and growing every day and I am so proud of her! I am just here trying to help by being patient, understanding, and explaining the things that come with mission life. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows/understands/loves the same things I do. haha Speaking of Sister Carvalho, she randomly burst out with ´´Its my life!!!!´´ in a thick portuguese accent. She loves Bon Jovi, just incase yáll didnt catch that. hahaha its hilarious.

So back to Cicero- he is our only investigator! Wahoo! (told you this area is like Iowa City :)) He has a baptismal date for the 24th of May… aka this weekend! He was a reference from a neighbor, has been to church three times, has a strong faith in God, and is a very spiritual person by nature. Sister Varela said he will be the future patriach of our stake here in Santo Amaro 🙂 Please pray for him that he will recognize an answer! He believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He loves our visits, loves the members, and keeps every commitment we give him. Right now two of his brothers are dying from cancer and yet he is putting the Lord first. His faith is amazing I tell ya.

Church was wonderful even though we had zero investigators at sacrament meeting. We learned about repentance and the teacher said something interesting… he said when we step in the mud (when we sin) we are a little dirty. Satan tells us to just go ahead! Throw yourself in the mud. Roll around in it! You are already filthy anyway, might as well continue, there is no home…. but in reality all we have to do is take a step back, kneel, and utilize the Atonement. Then we are clean.

I testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on the Earth with all the powers, principles, and precepts of Heaven. I love being a missionary. This expereince is priceless to me. My testimony has deepened and matured and will continue to do so until the end of my life. I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I love my Father in Heaven.

Até logo.
Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm


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