Brasilians eat Halls like candy!

My wonderful family and friends!

-There are 6 million people that live in the São Paulo Interlagos Mission
-Everyone struggles to say my name so I never get called on in meetings or participate… hehe its hilarious.
-Doutrina e Convenios 38:22
I really like this scriptures. I have seen on my mission how freeing the commandments are. I testify that they are given by a loving Heavenly Father who knows more than any of us will ever know in this life. The scriptures are given to us so that we can re-learn to trust in HIM!
(This is just a really powerful section. Read it.)

Yesterday during church I saw a young man. He is the only active member in his family- his older brother is the only other member and he is inactive. He was involved with drugs and other substances but now he is a worthy young man who holds the priesthood of God.
The youth of the church are powerful. Prayers are offered in your behalf in the most holy of places on this earth. You are children of God designed to perform miracles, move mountains, and change lives but first you must let Christ change you. You can not perform miracles without the aid of Heaven. You can not move mountains on your own. You can not overcome drugs, doubt, depression, deceit, and drudgery without Jesus Christ. You can not hope to make this world a better place if you do not have hope in the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Yes, it requires sacrifice to have a testimony, to believe, to understand, to change but the outcome is priceless.

I love being a missionary. I love wearing my Savior´s name on my chest every day. I love testifying of His mission and ministry. I wouldnt change this experience for the world.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Please remember that I am here to help. I´m your daugther and big sister- its my job and privilege to help. I pray for you daily and I love you for eternity.

With all my love,
Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- Love you mamãe

chique computers in the office

aww my beautiful family!! xoxo


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