Apparently I speak another Portuguese…

First off- ready to skype for an hour on Sunday? Wahoo!!! Don´t worry, I am still the same me but fatter (Brasilian food is delicious people!)… also I´ll hopefully struggle a little with English. Probably not, but a Sister can dream!

Tuesday started off with transfers. Sister Varela is serving in another part of São Paulo and I am training a new missionary! (Sister Bevan, you officially have your first foreign grand daughter) Sister Carvalho is 19, a convert of 5 years, only member in her family, and from Manaus. This week has been interesting as far as teaching goes because I have been doing most of the… everything. I am trying to help Sister Carvalho have confidence and learn the rules of missionary life. It has been humbling and a neat experience. You never realize how much you´ve learned until you have to teach it to someone! Oh dad, Sister Carvalho thinks your name is mutio chique. haha She wants to name her son Stuart. Parabéns!

The rest of the week was good but I don´t have much to write. I am so grateful to be serving a mission right now. I can´t believe how fast the time has gone by and yet I can´t really remember my ´´life´´ before. haha This week we are focusing on finding more people to teach and really teaching them… helping them progress towards baptism, confirmation, and ultimately to the temple. I love you all, pray for you daily, and am grateful for your support.

​(Sister Varela)

​(Sister Carvalho… rocking the red, white, and blue!)

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm


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