Look what I found on FB!

Wish I knew the whole story, but I confirmed some friend requests in Brooke’s Facebook account, and found these!

From Brooke’s blog in Feb. 24 "After we had a family night with NIcoli e Taiani! We had a great time. I love teaching kids… they have such a desire to learn and they trust you immediately. Nicoli shared with us how she prayed about Joseph Smith and how God spoke to her and told her it was true. It was such a special moment for us."

March 10-"In other news Nicole e Thayanne were baptized on Saturday by their dad Paulo! We went to the temple that morning and taught the Plan of Salvation in the waiting room of the temple. As we walked on the temple grounds, the peace I felt was immediate. A year from now Paulo, Thassya and their family will be sealed for time and eternity 🙂 I wont be here for that but I got a little glimpse on Saturday. I love this gospel!"

March 17 "Tuesday night we met with our recent converts Paulo e Thassya (e Nicole e Thayanne). Earlier that day had been hard. I felt like I had hit rock bottom and I needed a tender mercy (I needed tender mercies a lot this week). We walked into P e T´s home, saw the gospel pictures they bought at the temple the week previous, and Thayanne told us that she and her dad had been playing ´´Sisters´´. My heart just melted. She really looks up to us."


Linda Wolfgramm


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