´´Se você pode falar com gatos, você pode falar com Deus´´

That awkward moment when you have an hour and a half on the computer but only received 7 e-mails…. moving on.

Então agora eu sou brasileira!!! That´s right. This week I was cold. I know, I know…. the Iowa part of me is ashamed mas tudo bem.

Segunda-feira: We taught our investigator Janne and saw her cat open a door… like spider man. It was great.
Terça-feira: Our favorite grafitti art was pained over 😦 We had a district and zone meeting about the Book of Mormon. We also learned that Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles will come to our mission on the 21st!! STOKED. After reunião we emailed, dropped an investigator, and taught two other lessons. During the district meeting our leader asked, ´´If this was your last week in the mission field, what would you do to return with honor?´´ I pose the question to y´all but with a twist- ´´If this was your last week on earth, what would you do to return Home with honor?´´
Quarta-feira: had a great day of teaching!

Quinta-feira: My one year mark of the mission and I had a mild case of gripe- sore throat, coughing, runny nose, fever, headache… all that jazz so needless to say we stayed in the apartment.
Sexta-feira: a day of meetings, almoço, and planning. We are trying a new pilot program here in Missão São Paulo Interlagos that focuses on strengthening the recent converts and members through familysearch.org We are excited to start working with this and understand the importance of the family, the Atonement, and the Character of God. I challenge y´all to get involved! The blessings are grand.
Sábado: found out I´d be giving a talk in sacramanet meeting, we found three new people to start teaching, and went to an activity for the ward!
Domingo: gave a talk in church! second one in Brasil. Wahoo! Heavenly Father is truly a God of miracles because the differences between my first talk, my first week in Brasil, and now… woah. I have learned a lot of portuguese and I still have a lot to learn 🙂 Sunday night we got transfer calls… Sister Varela is leaving me 😦 I love her so much. We get along really well. We laugh, we work, we love the Lord. Basically all you need to have a successful companionship. I am sure gonna miss her but I know she will continue to work miracles in São Paulo.

Well to wrap things up here are some quotes:
´´We determine our eternity with the thoughts and actions of mortality.´´
´´If you do not feel like __________ (praying, studying, working, forgiving, etc), __________ until you feel like _____________.´´ Get it? If you don´t feel like studying the scriptures, study the scriptures until you feel like studying the scriptures! In order for God to help us change, we need to use our agency to make the first step. Then the Spirit and Divine Help come. Then change will become possible.

Eu amo vocês com minha toda coração. Até logo.
-Sister Wolfgramm


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