Sister, this is Brasil Redneck.

Here´s your dose of random for the week!-Ray Charles is pronounced `Hey Sharleis´
-Ben 10 is a big hit here amongst all children 12 and younger but its pronounced ´Ben Dez´… if only I knew all the alien names!
-Remember Harry Potter in the 3rd movie how Harry rides on that crazy bus? Yeah. Thats how the onibuses are here. hahaha It is so much fun. The fastest I´ve seen was we were going 61 km\hr. Thats probably not really fast but it seems like it when we are zipping around courner and squeezing between other cars
-I have taught my companion how to properly select the perfect meloncia (watermelon). Thanks grandpa!
-I am currently writing y´all an email with ants crawling all over the keyboard. haha I am glad I am not afriad of bugs.
-every day I have a novo marco do sol (new tan line)
-Eli, I heard ´´Dont you worry, dont you worry child´´ the other day and immediatley of us dancing around the house.
-garbage and garden men ride around in style here… like greyhound bus but nicer.
-I ate cheese and carmel (I think thats what it was) for a snack at a members house… apparently its a very ´redneck´ thing to do here. haha the Irmão kept saying in a thick english accent (Seester, theese eez red-ee-neck-ee)
-Remember 101 Dalmations how Pongo and Percy use the Twilight Bark? It really exists. There are so many dogs here that when one starts, they all join in. Basically my life is a real life disney movie.

Ok now on to other stuff.
*Sorry I havent written any letters… maybe next transfer… but dad, I have pictures of all your questions about Brasil and will sent a detailed report before I come home. ok? 🙂
*Sometimes I still can´t believe I´m a real missionary with a name badge on… Every morning when I put my name badge on I smile and thank Heavenly Father that I have this privilege and responsibility.
*Last week we had a reunião with other missionaries. I was able to see many of the missionaries from my MTC District. It is incredible to see how each of us have changed through the Atonement and through this great work.

Last night Sister Kuster and I found out our transfer news… She will be staying in Jardim Mirna and I will be leaving. I love Jardim Mirna and I am excited for when I can come back. I cant believe how fast this transfer has gone by!!
This morning we found out that Sister Kuster will be finishing the training of a sister missionary and I will be as well. I am grateful for another opportunity to learn and grow and serve. I love being a missionary!
Friday we found this incredible family. We taught the kids (Daniela- 12 and Bruno- 9) the restauração and returned Saturday where we taught Daniela and Sueli (the mom) the plano de salvação. It was the best plan of salvation I have ever taught on my mission! The family is very prepared and just absolutely incredible. We love them so much and I am excited to hear about their progress in the coming weeks.

Well thats all folks. Im gonna respond to some emails and hopefully send some pictures. I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and He has a perfect, beautiful plan for each of our lives.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- family, read this talk this week (and anyone else who wants to)


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