´´Do you have faith?´´ ´´No, I came on a mission because I like to walk.´´

Hey family! Im gonna make this short and sweet because I would rather read emails than write them 🙂

-Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Hamilton! Don´t date until I come home ok? I need to interview the girls first.
-I had the coolest dream last week. I was a superhero and I discovered I could control water, thunder, and lightning. It was a mash of Avatar\Star Wars\ X-Men. It was epic. Mission dreams are the weirdest.

-The days feel longer and longer yet the weeks are going by faster and faster. It is kinda scary. Mission time is the weirdest.

-I can spot a coxinha (co-sh-ee-n-ya) in a paderia in seconds. Those things are delicious. Oh and because I am American evreyone things I should know how to make cookies… so if someone wants to send me an amazing cookie recipe, I´d appreciate it.

-Brasil pizza = best pizza. I think we had pizza three times last week for dinner. Oh my yum.

In other news Nicole e Thayanne were baptized on Saturday by their dad Paulo! We went to the temple that morning and taught the Plan of Salvation in the waiting room of the temple. As we walked on the temple grounds, the peace I felt was immediate. A year from now Paulo, Thassya and their family will be sealed for time and eternity 🙂 I wont be here for that but I got a little glimpse on Saturday. I love this gospel!

The rest of the week went by and Sunday we had a baptism in the morning (Dayanne. 18 year old power house of a woman. God has miraculous things for her to do in this life), church, almoço, Ward Council, and afterwards helped people in physical need. Sunday night was humbling. Brasil is opening my eyes and changing my heart fast. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of a loving Heavenly Father. I feel like this message is an appropriate ending to this week´s email.

I am learning and growing every day. I am blessed to be a missionary at this moment in time. Heaven knows its exactly what I need.
Sister Wolfgramm
Moroni 8:3


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