Mind the gap!!

First off this (should be) the correct address for the mission office in Brazil:Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos
Rua Comendador Elias Zarzur, 365
Santo Amaro 04736-000
São Paulo- SP

Secondly, that is neat that you saw Miss Lisa e Mrs. Zelenski! I actually just thought of Miss Lisa the other day. I miss dancing… and now I am worried that Mrs. Zelenski is going to cringe at all my grammar mistakes 🙂 haha I am blaming it on the portuguese!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW ELI! I love you little dude! Stop growing up so fast, ok?

Monday (Segunda-feira): walking to an appointment I heard ´´Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!´´ but it was in the Brazilian cantina band style… It was a hilarious tender mercy. I just started skipping down the rua singing in inglÊs.
Tuesday (Terça-feira): saw a tractor driving down the road. I could have cried!! It reminded me so much of Iowa ❤
Wednesday (Quarta-feira): I officially became legal in Brazil! We woke up at 3:30, rode an hour by bus to the station, another hour by metro, and walked a few miles to the mission home by 6:30! Wahoo! I had an accident in the metro (its good they have signs that tell you to mind the gap but it does you no good if you cant understand what language the signs are written in!) but mangaged to come away with only a few bruises and scrapes. Heavenly Father sure protects His missionaries. When we finally arrived back to our area around 1 we ate lunch with a member and returned home. I iced my battle wounds and organized the area book. Sister KÜster is a champ. She was my nurse and chef. She can whip up a chocolate cake in an hour and makes incredibly delicious everything.
Thursday (Quinta-feira): INTERVIEWS WITH PRESIDENT PINHO!!! Oh my goodness. That man is inspired of God and he has so much charity and compassion. We talked for about 25 minutes. He said some interesting things about my purpose in Brazil and what he needed me to do. I know even more clearly than when I first arrived here that Iowa prepared me for Brazil. They are a few months behind here of working with members of the Church but that´s going to change! Sister Wolfgramm is here guns a blazin, ready to work! I cant tell you how much of a burden and concern was lifted after talking with President. I know Heavenly Father is pleased with the way I work. He sent to me to Iowa to learn a lot of things and now He needs me to teach and lead by example here in Brazil. The people are so willing and ready to help, they just need the tools.
Friday (Sexta-feira): Weekly planned like a boss! and saw miracles as we shifted our focus on working with the less active members of the church.
Saturday (Sábado): Sister KÜster and I taught English to 6 kids ages 4-12! It was a lot of fun. They now know how to say five animals (including horse and black panther because clearly those are important), numbers 0-5, and how to introduce themselves! That night we had a lesson with Nicole e Thaiane. During the lesson I was praying asking Heavenly Father to help me. I said, ´´I only know a little bit of Portuguese. Please help me use what little I know to help them understand.´´ Towards the end of the lesson the Spirit enlighted my mind about an object lesson that I had never heard of or thought of before. It was just what they needed. I am so grateful for the Spirit. If I could pin point one thing I have learned most on my mission is the value of having the Spirit with us at all times. To me having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is worth more than anything.
On another note, that night I spoke on the phone in Portuguese for 10 minutes!! WAHOO!! It was to our district leader who knows a little InglÊs and I probably didnt make any sense but I felt good.
Sunday (Domingo): Sunday was a loooong day. Carnival started here last weekend and Saturday night our kind vizinhos started playing loud music at 11 pm… and each hour it got louder and more vulgar (thank heavens I cant understand it… but I could definitely feel that the lyrics were vulgar) until 5:30 am when they stopped. It was an interesting experience that made me think a lot about the companionship of the Holy Ghost and the promise of D&C 84:88. Church was good, we had an amazing meal (as always) after church with 4 families, and I thought more about playing the piano. Next transfer I am going to teach a 6 weeks piano course! I talked to Presidente Pinho about it and he is on board! Wahoo! I am excited.

And that brings us to now. Wow. I am tired just looking at this email but I hope y´all get something out of the week I had. I miss you all and pray for you daily. Thanks for your support and testimonies. So many missionaries here are the only members in their families.
*Enjoy lds.org for me! I miss having an hour to look at it mas tudo bem. *Watch `Mountains to Climb` it is one of my favorites.
*I read Ether 6:3 this week and thought to myself, ´´What are our stones today?´´ Heavenly Father has given us many tools to deepen and grow our faith so that we dont have to cross the great waters of life in the dark.

I love this gospel. It has changed, is changing, and will change me for the better. I am grateful for the opportunity and privilégio I have to share this joyful news with others.

Sister Wolfgramm


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