“This time last week I was eating birthday cake….” “and now you´re fasting.”

Who is excited for email time?! I AM!!!!! This may or may not have been one of the longest weeks of my life ;)Anyways…

-we have ants as friends. actually they´re more like roommates. we´re working on moving them out.
-our neighbors party on Friday & Saturday night until about 4 am. I am SO grateful that I am a sound sleeper. Poor Sister Kuster (Kee-ster) on the other hand isn´t. poor thing. She´s a champion.
-we don´t eat dinner here, just a big lunch and might I add the food here is DELICIOUS!
-we also can´t play sports…. some one want to sign me up for a half marathon when I get home?!
-our other neighbors have a church. they have a stereo and a microphone. its really entertaining. haha Its like Southern Baptist meets a Christina Aguleira pop-song.
-speaking of music, people love american music here. Today I heard a song by Miley Cyrus! I´ve also heard some great songs from the 90s
-Sister Kuster and I are so similar. Its incredible. We´re the "tester companionship" because they´ve never had an american finish a native´s training but I am grateful that Presidente Pinho followed the Spirit because we need each other big time!
-speaking of how similar we are, we are both asthmatic 🙂 so far I´ve been fine but thankfully mom you made me bring my inhaler (I know I am really cool)
-we have to pay to use computers/internet. we go to a place called a ´lan house´
-we have already had a baptism. Some of the Elders here like to say "baptize the world" a lot… it kinda makes my blood boil 🙂 I guess I don´t have enough faith but I am working on it.
-I bawked and acted like a chicken after our lesson with Marcio e Gilza (our investigators) because I didn´t know the word for chicken. We all got a good laugh out of it. haha
-every morning around 7 or 8 there is a truck that drives around selling tanks of gas. He sounds like the icecream man but the noise is more obnoxious.
-apparently its officially fall here in São Paulo which really just means its 80 degrees, rains at least twice a day, and then gets really humid. The funny thing is people are wearing jackets, tights, and boots…. and then there´s Sister Wolfgramm sweating like a pig. Tudo bom.
-teaching is very different here but its the same gospel and the same Spirit. I love being a missionary

Tender Mercies (TM): *"Eu perguntei por bolo e eu recebei bolo!"- seriously. I told Sister Küster that I wish I had cake and that night after our lesson with Marcio e Gilza they gave us cake. *I spent the whole time in Relief Society trying to remember how to say "I like your dress". I remembered 🙂 Eu gosto de seu vestido! Wahoo! *I didn´t understand really anything at church on Sunday but in the RS manual I saw a picture of the Atlanta temple!!!

Sunday was a long day. I am now the official piano player for the ward! I also bore my testimony during sacrament at bispo´s (bishop) request. Everyone was so sweet and said that I spoke very well for being in Brasil less than a week.
Another amazing that happened: during a lesson with Marcio (Mar-see-oo) e Gilza (Jee-lsa) he asked me, "If God came now to bring you back, would you be ready?" I thought and felt the Spirit so strongly. I bore my testimony that I would be ready because of the Atonement of Jesus Cristo.
Brasil is wonderfully different from Iowa. I am adjusting quite well- some days are better than others but at the end of the day, all is well. Thanks again for the prayers. I love y´all a lot.

Com amor,
Síster Wolfgramm
3 Nephi 5:13


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