Well that doesnt happen in America


Ive only got a few minutos and the keyboard is in another language so pardon all the errors I will ever make 🙂

Today has been quite the day. We arrived in Brazil this morning? or afternoon? I honestly dont remember… oh yeah. it was this morning.

I fell asleep for a little bit on the plane, got my luggage just fine, talked with a 19 year old girl named Deborah, made friends with Sister Hancock from Virginia, rode 2-3 hours to get to the mission office… yeah it´s in the same city as the airport and it took 2-3 hours. São Paulo is huge!!!! I havent seen this many people in a long time…. #iowaprobs

When we arrived to the mission office we walked right into transfers!!! I saw Sister Cowan!! My MTC companion. She is tan, basically blonde, and pretty much fluente in português. it is crazy!! My companion is Sister Kuster (kinda like Kissner but with a ´t´). She is from Brasil and lived in England the past 6 years. She is 25 years old and I am super blessed because she is fluente in both english and português!!!! Wahoooo!!!!! She has a legit British accent and get this…. I´m finishing her training…. and she´s training me in português. it Works out great! Wow sorry Ive been putting a lot of exlamation points in this email.

Anyways Presidente Pinho gave a wonder testimony about Jesus Cristo e Pedro, I understood about 75% (probably more like 60 or 50%) of what was said at transfer meeting and about 5% of what was said outside in the real world. haha

We´ve already gone shopping and I bought fruit that I´ve never seen before. I´m pretty excited to try it. Oh! I also ate chocolate cake…. I love this place 😉 I´ve seen a dog on the roof, boys Racing on bikes down the hill we live on, talked with a drunk, and I´ve survived some of the best yet craziest drivers I´ve ever seen! Sorry that last paragraph probably didn´t make any sense.

I love you all. I have felt your prayers today and I am so grateful for that. Hopefully next week I´ll write more about my last week in Iowa and send pictures from today but until then know that I´m safe, I am happy, and I am grateful to be serving a mission in Brazil.

Eu amo você!
Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm (hahaha people struggle to pronounce my name here. I´m thinking I´ll just change my name to Lobo)


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