“Did you just eat a mint?” “No, it’s my chapstick. Shhhh.”

*Monday: taught a family for FHE about being missionaries 🙂 We watched two videos (Missionary Mindset & I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go) from the "Hastening the Work of Salvation" website, role played, and played an intense round of "Do as I’m doing" with their boys who are 3 and 1. It was fantastic!
*Tuesday: had interviews with President & Sister Jensen (the mission mama, not my companion), ate at Olive Garden with the Elders from our district, picked up our free pictures and saw the most intense/cool cameras ever at Walmart, had a cool lesson with one of the young women in the ward (She taught us!!! It was wonderful!!!), and ate dinner with her and her mom.

*Wednesday: woke up, had studies, drove to West Des Moines where we met up with our Sister Training Leaders for split exchanges. Fun fact for ya- I know Hermana Phelps & Howell from Iowa City! It was great to see them again. Hermana Howell came with Sister Jensen back to Winterset and I went with Hermana Phelps and Stroud to West Des Moines for a day of teaching… IN SPANISH. Woot Woot. It was a great "mini" experience for preparing to go to Brazil. Oh yeah. Did I mention I’ll be there next week? Oi.

*Thursday: district lunch at the mall where I got to see some missionaries before I leave which was a nice tender mercy followed by district meeting! Afterwards we went to eat dinner with a family in the ward. She’s the RS President and she’s friends with Sister Jensen (my companion)’s family! Small world I tell ya. We had an object lesson go wrong, lots of laughs, learned a new game, and still managed to teach about the gospel.

*Friday: a cute little boy in Muscatine turned one!!! Sister Price worked out to "Harlem Shake", and we got a call from a number in Arkansas…. MANDY IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY. Yeah, Mandy in Iowa City called and is getting baptized!! AHHH. I basically just fell on my knees and cried because I was so happy- joyful really. President has given us permission to go to the baptism if we can get a ride so we’re praying for a miracle. I can’t think of a better way to end my time in Iowa than with a baptism. Ahh. Miracles!!!!!! The rest of the day was equally miraculous. We drove to see a less active, took pictures with a cool tree, felt the Spirit tell us not to go to the said less actives house, drove back to cool tree because I lost my camera case, set 5 baptismal dates with our investigators….. (AHHHHHH!) and yeah.

Long story short about our investigators: We met with Karma and her family/friends/neighbors and began reading 3 Nephi 17. We got through the first 8 verses and felt inspired to show… wait for it…. "Come Unto Christ." The Spirit was powerful and as our 13 year old investigator said, "I felt like Jesus was closer." We talked about how we come unto Christ through baptism, knelt in prayer, and they each prayed for a date. Heavenly Father is too good to me.

*Saturday: Sister Jensen got a smelly letter (we think the mailman was sweating as he carried it under his arm… no joke), we weekly planned, learned some priceless lessons about obedience/forgiveness/Atonement, had a flat tire, and were home bound the rest of the day.

*Sunday: learned how to change a tire in 2 degree weather, had one of the most instructive and inspiring fast and testimony meetings ever, partook of the Sacrament, and re-committed myself to being more obedient- more focused on Him and His work. I only get one chance to be a full time missionary and I’m going to give the rest of the time I have my everything.

This will be my last e-mail from Iowa considering next week I’ll be at the airport all day. I love you all. I’m going to miss Iowa something fierce and I know my time is now needed in Brazil.

In the words of a famous movie… "Is this Heaven?" "No, this is Iowa."

Sister Brooke Wolfgramm


One thought on ““Did you just eat a mint?” “No, it’s my chapstick. Shhhh.”

  1. Hey so excited for you to go to Brazil! I have never been to South America! You are an amazing missionary! Happy birthday on Sunday! I love you!

    Marguerite Craig


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