Would you like an oreo with that?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy….. well apparently the whole world knows that I’M GOING TO BRASIL!!!! Was anyone else as shocked as I was? Probably not but I do appreciate all the prayers, letters, emails, words of encouragement & advice ๐Ÿ™‚

Well I’m gonna make this one real short and maybe have a more coherent one next week.

Monday: played THE COOLEST GAMES EVER at the Stake Center with 20 other missionaries. Ever heard of zombie apocalypse with nerf guns? Yeah. It was insanely fun and I was sore for about two days afterwards. Later that night our cars were grounded because as a member says, "Iowa has polar vortex weather."
Tuesday: woke up to a full moon shining on my face (#tendermercy), set a date to paint nails to a sweet sister in a nursing home, had water spilt on me, watched "Reflections of Christ" (again) with some members
Wednesday: ate some cake, visited people
Thursday: cars were grounded until noon, we found out that we will probably have lots of more car groundings, had district meeting
Friday: President Jensen called at 9:30 AM during companionship study to drop the bomb that I’m going to Brasil on February 10th! Every one is asking what my reaction was. Here was my thought process… "President is calling…. Shoot, are we in trouble?" "Ok we’re not in trouble but why is he… BRASIL?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? haha… nice joke President. Wait. You’re not joking…" and then the shock set in for about…. 72 hours and the tears set in as soon as we hung up with President. Yeah. The rest of Friday was pointless but I did get to talk to Sister Bevan, Sister Kissner, and Sister Matley!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I guess I talked to mom & dad too. hahaha

How did I get blessed with such incredible people?!?!

Saturday: Prices (family we live with) played "Les Miserables" so basically I visualized the entire movie in my mind. It was a huge tender mercy because let’s face it, I’m still obsessed with that entire production. I also got a letter from a sweet friend about life at BYU… time is a weird thing my friends. We ended the night with a birthday party/fun lesson with an awesome family in the ward. Their daughter is kinda like my mini-me so we’re having a party of the 9th for my birthday as well as hers. Woot woot!!
Sunday: SUCH A GOOD SUNDAY. I love the gospel. I love the Church. Both are true and I love being a missionary. Basically I’m excited to 1) get the work GOING in Iowa and one day in Brasil 2) be sealed to a worthy priesthood holder 3) have a family. Yeah… I’m totally going to be the typical RM. Whatever. It’s fine.

and that brings us to now!!! Ready for some pics/links? Ok.
youth are cool. especially youth who understand who they are.

-share one of these this week online. do it! and let me know which one you share! ๐Ÿ™‚
-just in case you forgot how cool Polynesians/sports/motivational speakers/all things awesome are, watch this
-if you want to cry, watch this
-going back to the first and third point… watch this

Quote & Challenge of the Week:
"If you do it the Lord’s way, you’ll get the Lord’s results."
**Go Back to the Basics!!! If YOU are not reading YOUR scriptures EVERY DAY, start now and commit to doing it every day for a week… then 2, then 3, etc. If YOU are not talking with YOUR Heavenly Father EVERY DAY, start now and commit to doing so every day for a week… then 2, then 3, etc. I promise that as we refocus on back to the basics everything else will fall into it’s proper place. We will better deal with our problems/stresses/concerns/to-do lists/etc.

I love being a representative of my Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love fighting with the Army of Helaman. I love working in the vineyard. I love being a missionary.

Sister Wolfgramm


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