“Wanna hear a sad story? I had gloves”

Are you sitting down? If you are, stand up. Ok, now sit down.

I was transferred to the Winterset area! Yeah. I’m no longer in Muscatine. We got the call late last Monday night. I was in shock (Sister Matley is still there doing work :)) and just hung up and sobbed. When I left Iowa City I knew my time was done. I knew I had accomplished what God wanted me to do but in Muscatine, I had no idea it was ending.

It’s been an adjustment but I’ve gotta get over it and give Winterset my all.

SO yeah. Anyways last week Sister Matley and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off! She was a champion and let me go say bye to a few families. I was able to see a baptism, say goodbye to our investigators, pack like crazy (I’ll have a box to send home soon… and cry some more.

It was an emotional and great week. My new companion is Sister Jensen and we’ve already laughed til it hurts. Things are good 🙂 It’s freezing outside (wind chill of negative 40 or something ridiculous) and The Book of Mormon is true! I love being a missionary. I can’t believe I’ve been out for almost 9 months. I feel like I just started but when I look at pictures or read my journals I realize how much I’ve grown… hopefully y’all see a little bit of it too.

Eu amo voces! Until next week,

Sister Brooke Wolfgramm

my last goodbyes to Sister Quittia and the boys

pics of me and the new comp are coming!


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