*sound of disgust* I’m 5’11….

Hey remember when we skyped?! 🙂 Also it’s 2 degrees outside with a wind chill of negative something.Mom did you have any more questions you wanted to ask me? If so just send them in an e-mail or letter and I’ll try to respond to everything.

So uh this week we had a baptism!!! Long story short, Heavenly Father loves and prepares His children 🙂 DeMarco was baptized last night and it was a wonderful experience. I love the Muscatine ward so much. They are some of the most Christlike, caring, supportive, honest, covenant keepers I’ve had the privilege of meeting. They pulled the baptism together in no time and we truly are a happy little family here. Ok enough sap… I just love this time of year and baptism and people!! and being a missionary 🙂

Well as you know Sister Matley and I made a blanket fort Christmas Eve. I have so many pictures from this week so get ready for it…

Christmas day was miraculous! I loved skyping y’all. For all you blog/e-mail readers, yes I cried. multiple times. We ate lots of delicious food and watched "17 Miracles" as a district. We also opened our gifts on Christmas (duh) and I just want to say THANK YOU. I was so touched at all the gifts that were sent and given to us. It was truly humbling. I’ve never felt so loved and blessed.

On the 27th Sister Matley and I had a secret mission called Operation: Gift Drop. After lots of prayers, cool experiences, and feeling the Spirit we hopefully helped out a family or two in Muscatine. That night is when we met with DeMarco and set his baptismal date for Sunday.
Saturday, the 28th Sister Matley and I went to the Nauvoo Temple!!! 🙂

It was an amazing experience, of course. While in Nauvoo I met our third cousin (Wolfgramms are EVERYWHERE), a lady who moved from the Powder Springs Ward who is Facebook friends with Suzette and Marge, and Sister Plauche’s sister! Yup. It is a freakishly small world my friends.
I wish I had more time to write all that happened this past week. The week was incredible and I feel so blessed to be serving in the Iowa Des Moines Mission.
Thank you for all your love and support. I have never been happier. I know the gospel is restored and that we are children of Heavenly Parents.

I love y’all.
Sister Wolfgramm


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