“Excuse me ladies! Are you two wearing nylons?”

People think missionaries are 1) weird 2) classy 3) pure awesome. I prefer a mixture of all three but I think the lady at Walmart thought we were a mixture of 1 and 2… we weren’t wearing nylons. Sister Matley and I still can’t decide if that was a good or bad thing.

The other funny quote from the week was from an 8 year old girl who has one leg. We sat in with her Primary class on Sunday and she said, "Sometimes I think my mom wants me to go shopping because she gets handicap [parking]." Oh boy did I laugh out loud. Positive attitudes are the best.

Monday we met the really cool lady at Walmart who asked about our nylons, made cookies with Quittia and Jayden (our recent converts), and fought the temptation to just curl up and sleep all day.

Tuesday we made cookies again! This time we delivered them to less actives and invited them to the Ward Christmas party.
Wednesday we had the Sister Training Leaders come!! Woot woot! I got to spend the first part of the day with Sister Lloyd and then spent the evening with Sister Murphy and Sister Sumsion. Those Sisters are incredible and I love learning from those who have a lot more experience than me. I know I’ve been out 7 months but I still feel like a newbie! I really feel as if I’ve been out oh… maybe 3 or 4 months- max. Time is flying by!

While driving with Sister Lloyd we stopped by our 80 something year old investigator and taught the Restoration. There’s a line in Preach My Gospel (I think) that says as you teach the pattern of prophets and apostasy, [your investigators] will be prepared to accept the message of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith. That’s exactly what we did and sure enough it made sense in her head. I’ve seen that promise fulfilled multiple times on my mission- as we teach that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and that He loves us, therefore He calls Prophets it makes perfect sense why we would have a living Prophet on the Earth today. Ahh I just love the Restoration. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet and I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

Speaking of prophets… who watched the First Presidency’s Christmas devotional?! The answer should be everyone. I love this time of year and I am grateful for time of year that causes me to more seriously reflect the miraculous and perfect life of my Savior Jesus Christ.

Anyways on Friday we met as a zone and had our minds blown away as we talked about the COVENANT we made with Heavenly Father to be a full-time missionary. It’s something so simple that I often overlook. It gave the Sacrament new meaning for me and I felt that as I partook of it on Sunday. God wanted to give me power so He had me make a covenant. That’s how it is with you as well- He wants to give you not only blessings but power… power to overcome addictions, habits, thoughts, the world, etc… therefore He asked you to enter into covenants with Him. I am grateful for the many covenants I’ve made with my Father in Heaven. They have shaped and will continue to shape my life.

Saturday was the Ward Christmas party and it was magical!! Santa came, the food was incredible, and the desserts were delicious. We sang Christmas songs as a ward and I just stood there enveloped in love. I am grateful to be a missionary and I’m learning more and more that Heaven is where we are gathered together in love. Even though I won’t be with y’all the entire day on Christmas (eek we get to Skype :)) I know that we will have many Christmases together. I need to be in Iowa this year and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunday it snowed and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’ll send pictures next week… maybe. This next week we are working on setting baptismal dates with our investigators, having faith, opening our mouths to talk to people about the restored gospel, and as always- we’re planning on having fun.

I know that Jesus Christ lived and died for each of us. I am coming to understand more and more the importance of children being raised in a loving home with a husband and wife. I’m staying warm, I’m happy, I’m well fed, I’m feeling healthy, ummm what else… Oh! I have cool red nail polish on, I’ve got the gospel and that’s about all I need!

Have a magical week and look for the simple joys of the season- like a cup of hot chocolate that is just the perfect temperature. Pray and help those who are in need whether that be physically, financially, or emotionally. We are all in spiritual need so don’t forget to feed your spirits!

Sister Wolfgramm

1 Nephi 7:12
Moroni 7:33
Proverbs 3:5-6
D&C 123:17


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