“can’t get around this broomstick of a body…. or this potato of a woman”

Mom- THANK YOU for the scarf and gloves 🙂 They came just in time because it’s been snowing here in Muscatine!!

How’s everyone doing? Matley family- how were having the Clove’s over?! haha Ahhh that is so crazy! Aren’t they the best family? We sure love them.

Well first off: I’m staying in Muscatine! Wahoo! Say hello to my new district (picture above) haha

Monday we met with a family in the ward and role played sharing a Book of Mormon and inviting people to activities. It was fun and I’m always amazed at how easy it is to share the gospel. If you’re struggling with the courage or faith to share, start small. Pray for people by name! Prayer is a powerful tool in missionary work. I’ve seen it change people’s lives and hearts time and time again.
Wednesday was Pday! Elder Clark left to be a Zone Leader in Ft. Dodge and to have our last horrah, we went bowling! I bowled a really high score of 15. That’s gotta be like a record right?

Thursday was an emotional roller coaster. We were able to spend time at the Family History lab which was awesome!! Afterwards Sister Matley and I had a mental break down… We both have been feeling off the past week or so. We both have had the prompting to receive a priesthood blessing but we, you guessed it, both have put it off. Thursday night is snapped in my head that we needed a blessing. Sister Matley agreed and so we called Elder Richens and Elder Johnson. We met them at the church where they were studying the scriptures, preparing themselves to give a blessing. The blessings were beautiful and Sister Matley and I felt immediate peace. I am grateful for the priesthood power of my Heavenly Father. I am beyond grateful for boys who arise and become men in moments of need. I am grateful for their desire to live worthily so that I can be blessed. I’ll write you a letter with more of what I learned because I just don’t have the time in e-mail.
The rest of the week went by smoothly and full of more miracles including a baptism of Hermano Polanco (I call him my little Spanish miracle… I’ll write more in the letter as well) and our investigator setting a baptismal date for next Sunday!

To finish off the week Sister Matley and I laughed our heads off, de-iced our car, and enjoyed our study time by the fire.

I love you all! I am grateful to be a missionary and witness this time of year through the eyes of our Savior. Heavenly Father is always willing to forgive us as we turn to Him. I know that this life is preparing us for our Eternal Life with our families.

Sister Wolfgramm


One thought on ““can’t get around this broomstick of a body…. or this potato of a woman”

  1. Your cousin, Tennyson, is back from his mission in Brazil and misses Brazil alot. He is back on Facebook so perhaps you can drop him a ‘hey’ or whatever their greeting is in Portugese. So proud of your service and pray for you to be safe, be motivated, and continue being a beacon of light to others. Short note. More later. Love Auntie C in chilly CO

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