“Hey Sister! Is that my face on the telephone pole?!”

Howdy family! How’s it going? I love hearing from y’all so thanks for always sending e-mails and letters. Special shout out to Baker fam for sending a package and an update on the St. George gang! Love those kids and holy moly why are people growing up so fast?! Just kidding: Congratulations all you love birds in St. George! šŸ™‚

Before I forget, Mom if you’re going to send a Christmas package, send it directly to the apartment. Next Monday we’ll find out if we’re being transferred or not so I’ll let you know more next week.
Speaking of Christmas… guess who busted out the Christmas Mo-Tab CDs last Monday… WE DID. Sister Matley and I are over the moon excited for Christmas. Muscatine even put up Christmas decorations down town. Woot Woot! (That’s for you Mama Matley! šŸ˜‰

This week my testimony was strengthened on the power of prayer and the fact that we lived with Heavenly Father before we came to Earth. I really don’t know what else to say besides that… Sister Matley and I are doing well, working at becoming better missionaries, and we’re being fed for the rest of eternity it seems. The ward here has truly caught the vision of hastening the work. Yesterday a young family came to church and by the second hour they had 2 dinner appointments this week, a copy of the Book of Mormon, and pamphlets about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation… all given by members.

Thanks for your prayers, example, and love. You have each shaped me into the missionary I am today. I wouldn’t be here without y’all. šŸ™‚ Keep smiling, keep praying, keep serving, keep loving.

I am so grateful for the quality of life I have lived because of the gospel. It hasn’t been perfect- it never will be- and we’ve had our bumps and bruises along the way but because we strive to be obedient to God’s commandments, I know we are blessed. The gospel is for families and I’m so grateful for my family. I love y’all for eternity.


Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

Sister Matley and I laughed for a good while about this picture…

Our beloved baby car (affectionately referred to as "Cruze") turned 1000 miles!! We celebrated. Don’t worry- I took the picture while Sister Matley drove so of course we were safe.


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