“Color pretty, color pretty- they’re so so color pretty.”

Shout out to Parker for e-mailing me…. wahoo!!!

Last week Sister Matley and I spent a day sick in bed (don’t worry, we took lots of vitamins and slept and now we’re better!) plus we came in early on the 30th and 31st because of Halloween but even with a shortened proselyting week the Lord blessed us tremendously!!

On Monday we had 2 family home evening lessons with families from the ward. It was a great experience for us as missionaries because we’re always looking for ways to improve our teaching.

Tuesday we met with a less active member who wants to come back and go to the temple!!! yay!!! We’re so excited to help her get there. I love the temple. It’s the best place on earth 🙂 Also she bore her testimony on Sunday and said, "Sometimes God takes us to rock bottom so that He can bring people into our lives to show He loves us." It was a short and powerful testimony. I love that this gospel is a gospel of change. Our faith and hope leads us to have the courage to change! Because we have the Holy Ghost we can trust in Heavenly Father’s love for us and we can feel of a surety that the changes we are making will be for the better.

Wednesday was our sick day… yippee!! We watched lots of church videos (Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration… find it and watch if for Family Home Evening!!!!!!!) and updated all of our records about who we’ve taught, what we’ve taught them, etc.

Thursday was Halloween!!! What did y’all do for it? What did the boys dress up as? Sister Matley and I wisely spent $9 worth of chocolate candy, watched more church videos, but before that we had district meeting with the other 4 Elders in our area. It was our last district meeting… This transfer (6 weeks) has gone by way too quickly. I absolutely love Muscatine and the people I get to serve with. They are all so amazing!!

Friday we met with our investigator again… 11 days until she is baptized!! 😀 wahoo!!! Oh I love her. She has such a strong testimony and truly desires the change of heart and feeling of forgiveness that comes with baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We are so excited for her to continue progressing.

Saturday we helped out a member of the ward and visited with a less active.
Sunday rolled around (too quickly) and Sister Matley and I taught the lesson in Young Women! We taught about recognizing the Spirit and how important that is. I love the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is such a powerful companionship (y’all should read "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by F. Enzio Busche if you haven’t already). God gives us everything we need to succeed- starting with the gift of the Holy Ghost. Sunday evening we had dinner with two families in the ward (the same we taught FHE to on Monday) It was so fun! Reminded me of the good ole days when we had families over from the ward. Anyways Sister Matley was super inspired yesterday. We were trying to figure out which lesson we wanted to share with the families. We spent our study preparing for it and literally right before we went to dinner Sister Matley through out this "random" scripture… D&C 98:1-3 Have you read it yet? Powerful huh… We talked about the different trials we are asked to face in life and how we are blessed because of them. Not a lot of the world understands that… When something doesn’t turn out right, the natural man wants to curse God when that is the opposite of what we should do. Heavenly Father knows us. He loves us and He wants what is best for us. That means He gives us things to make us grow.

This is the commitment and promise we left them and I want to leave it with y’all. Pray to Heavenly Father tonight and ask Him for a suggestion- just one suggestion of how you can better show your thanks to Him. Listen to what the Holy Ghost tells you and then spend this month working on that one thing. I promise that as you do so you will develop a stronger testimony that 1) your prayers are heard by Heavenly Father and that 2) all things will work together for your good, just like it says in the scriptures.

I know this gospel is the gospel of true joy and that obedience to God’s commandments- not the commandments of men- brings the greatest blessings.

I love being a missionary & I love y’all more than words!!

Sister Brooke Wolfgramm


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