Brooke’s letter she wanted me to post

Can’t wait for your letters! I love knowing a little bit about what’s going on back home.

Mom, I don’t know if you remember your e-mail from Sept. 29, but it was about personal peace. You shared Matthew 10:16, 22 and Elder Quentin Cook’s quote about missionaries bringing peace to the world. Today during e-mail time I re-read my poem from you, In it you said "in your heart, I pray daily, you will have peace!" Just wanted you to know 1) I’m very at peace and 2) you are in tune with the Spirit.

I don’t know if I ever shared with y’all my last few days in Iowa City. Sister Kissner and I were driving home talking about our guesses for transfers. She asked, "do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you needed to do here (in Iowa City YSA)?" I waited a minute to respond and as I pondered her question, the Spirit confirmed to my heart that I had done my job in Iowa City YSA. I truly felt that I had fulfilled my purpose as a missionary and as Heavenly Father’s servant.

Fast forward to last weekend- Stake Conference in Iowa City. I knew people of the branch would be there and I was beyond excited to see them, but I had no clue how joyful it would be!

After Saturday session of stake conference I was talking with a member in our ward here in Muscatine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw literally a line of people from the branch waiting to say hey. That stake center, cheesy as it sounds, turned into a little bit of heaven. I know in Heaven we will see our loved ones again and more–the people whose lives we have changed for the better will welcome us. They will shower us with hugs and "thank-yous."

It was humbling and joyful to see so many of my loved ones and what made the joy sweeter was feeling of their love for me.

That moment alone made every rejection, tiredness, long day and tear worth it…

"and this is the which hath been bestowed upon [me], that [I] have been made [an] instrument in the hands of God to bring about this great work." -Alma 26:3, 30 & 31

I love being a missionary. I’m forever grateful to Heavenly Father for giving me this experience.


Sister Brooke Wolfgramm


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