That car looks like it’s been down a gravel road!

Hey family! oh and CONGRATULATIONS TO JENESSA! Being a missionary is one of the greatest decisions a person can make.

Tuesday: spent the day with our Sister Training leaders, Hermana Phelps and Sister Lloyd! It was a productive day of visiting less active members and… drum roll…. setting a baptismal date!!! Our investigator is getting baptized November 16th πŸ™‚
Wednesday: visited some members who live in retirement communities and nursing homes
Thursday: spent the day in a town called West Liberty knocking on doors and having a powerful lesson on the Atonement with a family in the ward. I love bearing testimony and seeing the Holy Ghost work through people… ahh it was amazing. Oh on Thursday we also ate delicious pizza!!! The pepperoni was under the cheese… mind blowing right?
Friday: went to Iowa City!!!! Oh I swear it felt like coming home. I saw almost everyone from my IC zone, learned new things about being a missionary, and I’m pretty sure Iowa had its first frost that morning! The corn fields looked like they were covered in snow… so pretty! Friday night we met with our investigator and gave her a calendar with her baptismal date on it! She has 3 younger boys (it felt like being home as well haha) so we read the Book of Mormon with them and taught them to pray. I love hearing people pray- especially for the first time. It makes all the hardships in the world worth it to hear these people we love come closer to Heavenly Father.
Saturday: road to Iowa City again!! πŸ™‚ We went up to the Saturday session of Stake conference and oh my goodness it was incredible. Here are some notes from the speakers and hopefully I can explain and express this right…
*"The temple is a place of sealing and healing"
*"The call has gone out for us to hasten the work of salvation! Now is the time to work together. This is urgent." As I listened to those words I wrote down this: "If prophets are saying it is urgent, it’s because 1) they know something we don’t or 2) they’ve heard is from Someone else." My favorite thing I learned on Saturday was that member and missionary work isn’t meant to be scary… it isn’t meant to have the members do all the work and the missionaries relax… it’s not about that! It is about being obedient to the prophets’ call and it is meant to further our conversion. I can’t testify enough of how true that is!!! The reason my mission means so much to me and the reason it has changed me as a person is because I have furthered my conversion through this work. I love being a missionary and I promise that as you work with the missionaries in your areas, keep your covenants and follow the commandments, you will deepen your testimony about the gospel until it become unshakable. In the last days we can’t survive with weak testimonies. We need strong ones built up the "Rock of our Redeemer" for that is the only way we’ll survive and how blessed we are to have a loving Heavenly Father who is giving us every opportunity to grow, deepen, and survive.
Next soap box episode from Sister Wolfgramm: (ok but seriously I hope y’all know how much this gospel means to me)
There were a lot of people on Saturday from Iowa City- from the branch and other people that I was able to work with. Just ask Sister Matley, I almost cried as I saw these people!!! During the opening song I thought of what Heaven will be like… Heaven will be a place of love. It will be a place where we are with our loved ones. If we don’t share the gospel with them they might not have a chance of being there!
Sunday: ate two delicious meals, saw more people I love and care about, and sang in a choir with the missionaries and youth of the stake. We sang, "We’ll Bring the Word His Truth." πŸ™‚ One of my favorites.

I love you more than words! Thanks for helping me become who I am today.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- There is a train that goes from Iowa to Utah… a legit train!! Sister Matley and I are going to take it after our missions. Woot Woot!


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