“I’m as comfortable as Sister Matley in a hoarders house.”

On the water tower it says Muscatine: Pearl of the Mississippi
Yeah, am I in the most charming place ever or what?!

Before I forget… Mom, do you know a Gregg Kortman? He’s from Georgia and baptized Brother Rees in the Muscatine Ward! They were living in Kansas at the time. Oh cool story about that, Brother & Sister Rees know my friend Logan Brase. It’s a freakishly small world….

Cool facts: I know how to can pears, plant bulbs, I now where cute earrings (thanks Mandy!!), I’ve attached pictures this time, and it’s suppose to snow tomorrow!! Wahoo 🙂

Ok anyways. This past week was a busy one. I haven’t been sleeping well because my minds been working on overload trying to remember names/places/responsibilities/etc and yesterday it all came together. haha I’m finally starting to get my head straight… for now 😉

Yesterday we had the opportunity to bear testimony at an 8 year old girl’s baptism. I love bearing testimony… even if no one benefits from it, I do. My testimony grows stronger each time I bear it and I’m grateful for that fact. The baptism was beautiful and very special and sacred. I love this gospel!! I love seeing people make covenants with a loving Heavenly Father. He always blesses us because He loves us. It’s truly humbling… and so inspiring. When I think of all He’s given me, it makes it easier to be obedient to what He’s asked of me- even if I don’t understand the reason.

Saturday was the ward Halloween party- we had the best car! (or so everyone said. haha) We also had the most candy. Boo yeah!

Ahh sorry I’m so scatter brained…. maybe next week I’ll be more coherent but hey! I’m attaching photos and a pictures worth 1,000 words right? consider this my email for the week:

that’s the Mississippi River in the background!! charming right?

Sister Matley & me! Isn’t she cute! She’s like a mix of Kaley & Jenessa. It’s fabulous.

our cool trunk… haha

Mom, I knew you’d love this one. ❤

the view from where we canned pears today… you can bet your bottom dollar that I was as happy as a clam!

Eu amo voces! I love being a missionary. Have a happy week! Love and serve and work with what you’ve got and I’ll do the same.

Sister Wolfgramm


One thought on ““I’m as comfortable as Sister Matley in a hoarders house.”

  1. Very nicely written, I am not surprised by this, because Brooke is truly an outstanding, exceptional missionary, the best we have ever known, bar none! (We really miss not having her in the Iowa City Young Singles Branch.)

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