You’ll have to tell me if my scarf gets all skwampis

Spoiler alert: I’M IN MUSCATINE, IA!!!!

and I’m so excited to be here! The city is charming and the members are incredible! We’ve driven on gravel roads (our new 2014 car is filthy), eaten a T-bone steak, gotten lost a few times, and have fallen in love with the city and people of Muscatine.

My companion is Sister Devyn Matley. She just turned 19 in August, finished a year at Southern Virginia University where she played tennis, has two younger sisters and is from Holiday, UT! (Dad, her dad played volleyball for BYU… figured you’d know who he was.) She’s always wanted to serve a mission, super cute, and we’ve already laughed our heads off. It’s going to be a great time here in Muscatine πŸ™‚

Backtracking: I finished my days in Iowa City with lots of service, packing, saying goodbye to the members of the branch (HEY Y’ALL!!), and trying not to cry. haha it didn’t work πŸ™‚
Lessons learned in Iowa City:
-my mission is what I make it.
-how to love… I fell in love with the people of Iowa City. They taught me how to love because they were so accepting of me. I feel like that’s the strongest thing I’m taking here to Muscatine… I’m just ready to love and serve these people in any way I can.
-how to have fun. Missionary work is so fun!! Since talking with Sister Matley I’ve realized how many funny stories I had in IC and I know I’m going to have a blast here in Muscatine as well.
-how to love and serve my companion. I really came to love Sister Kissner this past transfer. At the beginning we had different views… we were raised differently and although we got along, we didn’t always "click"… boy oh boy did that change these past 6 weeks! I love that girl! We cried in the mall saying goodbye to each other but good news is I’ll see her again in the coming weeks at meetings and such πŸ™‚ She is incredible missionary and I trust her with the people of Iowa City. I know she’ll do incredible work.
-Hamburg Inn (#2 as Cassie told me) is one of the top places to eat in that city. Yes, I’ve been 3 times.

Anyways sorry this e-mail is all over the place. Now to Muscatine: Sister Matley and I live with Bishop and his family! They are so sweet and their 3 young daughters always leave cute messages for us on the fridge. The Elders here (there’s 4- two english/ two spanish) are amazing. They have been so welcoming and supportive and patient with us as we’ve tried to learn the area. I’m sure they’re tired of our hundreds of questions but they never act like it. We’re so grateful for them!

I love being a missionary. I love feeling the Holy Ghost working through me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and probably the best "me" I’ve ever been since I’ve been out. I love y’all so much and I really appreciate all the prayers. We as missionaries need them and we feel them. Thank you thank you thank you for the incredible examples you are in my life.

Until next week!

Sister Wolfgramm


One thought on “You’ll have to tell me if my scarf gets all skwampis

  1. You are such an inspiration to me and I love your updates. You are in our prayers. Your cousin Tennyson returns the end of Oct from Brazil. I hope you guys can connect and keep the language skills going.
    Uncle is on furlough and so 2 of 3 soon-to-be-a-den area windows have been switched out. He was wondering how to find time to do remodeling without burning up vacation time…and the government made the choice for him. He has been home since Oct 1st and all I can say is I am grateful that we listened to the brethren and are mortgage free, car payment free, and have food storage. I’m grateful too for all the skills Relief Society taught me in managing my resources. We are having ribs for dinner [venison kind], baked potatoes [#2 from the harvest field] with sliced tomatoes [from our garden] and sweet corn [frozen pkg but I used a coupon to get it] :>)
    Had our first snow of the year and so far no more…just cold, chilly winds. Scrapped my first snow ‘n ice of windshield last Friday so that I could go watch three of my YW run cross-country and watch another one play volleyball.
    Uncle and I remember you in our prayers. We are well here in the top of the Rockies in Colorado. Leaves are changing, Fall is leaving and Winter is coming. We are prepared for it. Woodstove keeping the chill factor to 80 degrees inside while I prepare my YW Sunday lessons and quilt.
    Be safe, be cheerful, be gracious, be in touch with us whenever you can.
    Aloha and umas – I’m sending them on the winds to you in Iowa.
    Auntie C & Uncle D

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