“Hey I’ve been on lots of dates to church events!” “Hence why we’re all still single!”

Oh I love my YSA branch…. You guessed it! The headline for this e-mail was from two of them during our potluck lunch between sessions of General Conference.

Alright I guess I should fill y’all in. This morning President Jensen called us with transfer news…. Sister Kissner is staying in YSA and is training a new sister!!! and as for me, are you sitting down? I’m training a new sister and opening a new area… yeah. I still don’t believe it. I thought visa waiters were suppose to have no responsibility! 😉 I guess with the government failing I’ll probably be reassigned which I really wouldn’t mind. I’m honored and very humbled that Heavenly Father trusts me to keep working here in Iowa (or Missouri or Illinois…. weird!)

How much did everyone love conference?! I LOVED it!! I hope you all took to heart what living prophets and apostles of God said to us… I know they are called of God. That’s the only way that I could have received a clear answer to each question I asked my Father in Heaven.

This week Sister Lloyd (serving in a neighboring area) got her wisdom teeth out so Sister Kissner and I spent almost the entire week on exchanges helping them out. I love those sisters!!! We had lots of laughs, a few tears, and lessons learned.

The "theme" that kept coming to me this past week was utilizing the Atonement to endure. That’s also the message I received from Conference. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know I don’t understand all of what He went through but I do know that because of His love for me, I want to do His will. He has paid the ultimate price and for that I am in debt. I can never repay Him but I can live every day to help out in some small way. I love being a missionary! This past week I saw prayers answered, lives changed, and miracle occur. This is truly the Lord’s work. It’s a refining process. It’s hard, it’s not cookie cutter but it is worth it. I will forever cherish my time as a missionary, especially in YSA. I’ve grown more from this area than I ever thought possible. I can honestly say that I’m a different person and the people I’ve come in contact with the past 3 months have changed my life.

Ok I promise I’m not crying… I just really love this area and I know I’ll love the new area as well. Ahhhh!!! Anyways. Here are some other random tidbits:

-I now have a place to stay when I visit China!! On Saturday a couple from China showed up at the stake center and I helped them watch conference in Chinese. They were sweet, taught me a few Chinese words, took my picture, and said that I am welcome to come to their home. Chinese people are my favorite!!! My next mission is going to be in Hong Kong, I’ve already decided.

-Sister Kissner and I spent 3 hours putting up flyers in the rain 🙂 We "advertised" for general conference and we know of at least 2 people who watched it online! woot woot!! So worth it. plus I love the rain so I was happy as a clam!

-I’m in 2nd Nephi in my Portuguese scriptures! My head hurts every time but I’m getting faster at reading! I guess that’s a good sign, right?

-We met a Muslim man at the car shop this week! His name is Raffy. I saw a poster in his office and asked if it was Arabic. Surprised he said, yes it is a prayer! and so I said which way is Mecca? and he told me!! then his business partner walked in, grabbed a rug, and went to pray. We talked about the similarities of our religion for 10 minutes and when the man who had prayed returned, he gave my his prayer rug. It is beautiful and I’m sending it home… take good care of it!!! I love learning about other religions! We are all truly God’s children and we have a lot more in common than we do differences.

I testify the gospel is true. It is more true than I have words. I love this gospel, I love the opportunity to learn and grow, I love being a missionary, and I am grateful for all the prayers offered in my behalf. I love y’all so much.

Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- I expect you all to have a list of the missionaries investigators. If you didn’t text/call them immediately after conference, do it now! and pray for them and their investigators every night by name. Muito obrigada!!

P.P.S- next week I’ll try to remember to send pictures….


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