I have the will power of a monkey

as said by Anthony from the branch as he failed to resist eating another cookie. I laughed so hard.
other funny quotes this week:
"you already made your own buttermilk, why would you stop there?" -Hermana Harkness to Sister Kissner

"Don’t you know? Salvation is all about convenience now!- very sarcastic comment amongst Elder Nichols, Sister Kissner, and myself

"Well he’s Jacob and I’m Rachel so he wants 12 sons."- Sister Evans on the drive down to Nauvoo

"All the children are gathered around! Look, there’s 11!" "That’s not enough for a family, there needs to be 4 more"- Adam from the branch… he’s the youngest of 15. yup. haha

Alrighty anyways those were probably not funny to y’all but man alive did they make me laugh. This week Sister Kissner and I have been focusing on having fun 🙂

Ready for the week? Here goes nothin’….

On Tuesday Sister Jensen (Mission President’s wife) came on exchanges with Sister Kissner and me. We knocked on doors and met an incredible girl who loves God. It was awesome!!

Wednesday I went to a training meeting and saw Sister Bevan! That evening we had an amazing lesson with a girl from China. We taught about who God is and how we can come to know if He is there. It was an incredible lesson. Chinese people are pretty much my favorite. Honestly since my time in Iowa I’ve never met a more respectful group of people. Many of them are so prepared for the gospel. I wouldn’t be surprised if China "opens up" soon. Ok I’d still be surprised but seriously, I love those people of China!

On Thursday we met with our new investigator (the one whose friend invited her to learn more!) We laughed for about 30 minutes before we "officially" started our lesson with a prayer. It was hilarious and more importantly it led to her opening up about what she really needed to be taught. As missionaries, yes, we are called to preach the gospel- to be bold and loving and invite them and encourage them and teach the doctrine, etc…. but first we are to LOVE them. That’s something that has finally (I think) sunk into my heart… love and joy. The gospel brings both. I need to have both. People need to feel both.

Friday we met with a member and from talking with her and looking back on this past week it seems like for a lot of people God is being "silent"… He seems to be watching by the sidelines as we struggle, wrestle with answers He’s previously given, and find new solutions or direction in our life.

Saturday Sister Kissner and I were able to attend a session at the Nauvoo temple as well as witness a family being sealed. I love the temple. The two words that stood out to me in my mind while I was in the temple were love and joy. We are the literal children of God. We have every resource available to overcome trials and enter again to live with Him. I testify that He is not just watching from the sidelines. He is there carrying us in His arms and although it seems like He may be silent in due time we will see that He was strengthening us to become Kings and Queens in His Kingdom. Trials magnify our divinity. I know the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. A Sister in the area bought me a new set of scriptures… I was touched more deeply than I have words to express. I’m excited to find a new meaning of treasuring the word of God. I know that as we truly feast upon the words written in the Book of Mormon… that as we desire to let it change our hearts, it will. Read the Book of Mormon with new eyes today and I promise that as you consistently do so your testimony will literally become embedded in your soul.

Sunday brought the renewal of baptismal covenants through the sacrament and an amazing evening with members from the branch… I love this YSA branch of Iowa City. I love the people here in Iowa and I do not want to leave. I’ll go where God needs me because I can say that Iowa has changed me for the better.

I love being a missionary. This weekend was the best weekend of my life. I have felt God’s love for others more strongly than ever before. I have felt joy to declare His gospel more strongly than ever before. Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world.

Eu amo voces com minha toda coracao.

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- General Conference is THIS WEEKEND ❤ ❤ ❤ Spread the good word by clicking here (look, I made it easy for y’all so you can just click the link!)


One thought on “I have the will power of a monkey

  1. I have a goal to weigh less than your Uncle Dwight so after doing my kettle bell workout i came to my webmail and there was your weekly digest. Your comments made me smile…now I’m ready to battle the breakfast dishes, laundry, read my scriptures, and prepare for a quilting retreat. We are well here in CO and love to learn about your Iowa adventures. Blessings to you for serving the Lord. In October I teach the YW Sunday lessons and they are focusing on ‘Becoming More Christlike’. While reading your digest three words came to my mind “laughter, joy, service”. Your cousin, Elder Tennyson Siale Denna, returns from his mission at Maceio Brazil at the end of October. Can’t wait for your paths to cross at future family gatherings and to hear both of you chatter in Porteguese. Ofa atu to you and your companion with lots of umas sent on the eastward breezes…Auntie C & Uncle D in Colorado

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