You just like me for my nun skirt… plus pictures!

Time goes by too quickly so get ready for rapid fire

-have a new investigator… she asked her friend lots of questions about the gospel and her friend said, "umm I don’t know all those answers but do you want to meet with the missionaries? I know they can help!" and BAM. It’s that easy folks… sometimes. haha

-Satan is evil and God is good. Good always wins. Choose good, choose God. It’s that easy folks.

-went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and we met a man who has been baptized for 3 years. Remember last week the lady I said we visited in the hospital? It was her brother. We spent an hour learning of his faith and testimony and after everything he shared I want to let y’all know that I know we can find ourselves in the scriptures… the patterns of Nephi, Peter, Joseph Smith, etc are meant for us to apply them to our lives! I love the scriptures!

-being a missionary is the greatest job in the world. probably in the eternities. Also having the GIFT of the Holy Ghost (not just the occasional presence here and there) is the greatest gift I have received. We met with our recent convert and I was able to look into her eyes and know the promises God had made to her. I know that Heavenly Father loves her and I know He loves you. It’s an eternal truth and it will never change. Romans 8:38-39

-got to help finish building a home we started in June with Habitat for Humanity!

-met with some awesome less active members of our branch. I love them so much!

-WENT TO A FAMILY WARD FOR THE FIRST TIME ON MY MISSION… I saw babies galore and it sounded like a jungle. haha it was awesome. but seriously I love the people of Iowa City. They are amazing and I don’t want to leave (good thing I probably never will! πŸ™‚

and that brings us to now! Thanks for all the love and support. I know this gospel is true and I’m grateful that I have the chance to be a full-time missionary. Work hard this week and I’ll do the same.

Sister Wolfgramm

yeah these pictures are a month old… whoops. I’ll be better at taking/sending pictures- promise! πŸ™‚


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