“Have a nice date night!” “You too… uhh I mean, have a nice night.”

Oh the joys of a college town. haha the headline for this e-mail was to a girl who was getting off the bus, about to go on a date with her boyfriend. it was Friday night of course.

Oh family… where do I begin?! I LOVE Y’ALL.

Parker, I read your letter on the way over to e-mail and I cried… #bigsurprise

Thanks family (and friends) for e-mailing each week. It means a lot and I love seeing how everyone is doing.

P.S- Mom, did you get my package?

This week was a week of finding- knocking doors, talking to people on the bus and streets, drawing chalk "mormon messages", etc. Sister Kissner and I had fun doing it and it seems like we’re starting to re-build this area even though missionaries have always been in this city. It’s an interesting feeling and we’re excited to fill the area book with some new, solid potentials.

This week was also a week of gratitude. We had the opportunity this week to do some service for a member’s sister. She was in the hospital near where we live so we stopped by and visited. She’s had 3 siblings die from cancer and was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer… You could see how worried her husband was. I’m grateful for the knowledge I have that we can be with our families forever. I’m grateful for the knowledge I have through the gospel of Jesus Christ that one day our bodies will be perfected… bodies won’t ache, Grandma won’t have Alzheimer’s, and this sweet sister will be cancer free.

On Saturday I was able to go to a baptism for a sweet couple named Becky & Joe. The joy on their faces as they came up out of the water was priceless. I’m so grateful to be a missionary… I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It’s going by way too quickly and I’m trying my best to make the moments count.

On Thursday Elder Robert C. Gay of the Quorum of the 70 came to our mission! We were taught by him from 10-4:30 pm. It was AMAZING. He instructed us on increasing member/missionary work, how to be better missionaries, and why we need to be better missionaries. It was a full 6 hours of the Spirit, through Elder Gay, gently rebuking me and building me up. Ahh I love this gospel! There is power when a ‘special witness of Jesus Christ’ (as Elder Gay is set apart as) bears testimony that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and Savior of the world. There is power when they use the words "I know He lives." I get chills every time.

Just to wrap this up quick

-I had the best 4 penne pasta EVER for dinner on Saturday.

-I met the most amazing 14 year old girl named TaShelle

-I saw Sister Bevan and Thursday!!! Love her.

-if you haven’t already, go check out lds.org. the new Mormon Messages are amazing as well as the video about religious freedom, tolerance, and respect for all. A great lesson for all to learn and understand… plus the quote by the Prophet Joseph Smith at the end of the video is incredible.

-google "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by F. Enzio Busche… it’s from BYU Speeches (#lovethatschool) and really helps me put things into perspective.

Challenge this week: look for patterns in the story of the 1st vision. Apply it to yourself. I never realized how many patterns are in that 1 story alone… no wonder why we are asked to share it with people FIRST- because we ALL can apply ourselves to the story.

Love you all more than you know.

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm


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