“2 MESSAGES COMBINED! This is gonna be a good one.”

Happy late birthday Grandma! I love you 🙂 and thanks everyone for writing me… especially Grandpa. I love you both so much!!!

Well it’s just me and Sister Kissner now in Iowa City… Sister Bevan is in ILLINOIS! and I know she’s doing great things. Saying goodbye to her was hard and I cried but thank heavens I’ll see her again in Utah! She’s an amazing missionary.

On Thursday we went to do service after we said goodbye to Sister Bevan… I spent a lot of time praying in my heart that Heavenly Father would help me feel the importance of my calling- as a missionary, as a trainer, as plain ole’ me. I just needed an ‘extra layer’ of peace. Towards the end of service an obese woman (just being honest) walked over towards the door I was standing near. She was barefoot and had her shoes in her hands. She sat down for a minute and quietly asked if I would help her put on her shoes… As I knelt down to help her the image of Christ washing His disciples feet came into my mind. I felt the Spirit warm my heart and as I buckled her sandals. I knew and I know that I am here to represent the Savior. I am to love as He loved, serve as He served, and teach as He taught. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Remember last weekend how I was kinda struggling? Well this past weekend was a weekend of tender mercies. I’m short on time but I’ve seen the realization of Ether 12:6. Two weekends ago I felt that I was "casting my pearls before swine." We were yelled at, mocked, etc and I felt that I was casting something so precious to me- my testimony- out for everyone to make fun of, belittle, and diminish its significance. I read a quote last Saturday that says "I share my testimony knowing that my efforts won’t be wasted." I’ve taken a lot of faith and courage from that quote this past weekend. Sharing our testimonies are easy when we know we’re doing it for Him. He’s asked me to share my testimony with His children and although it’s going to be hard at times it’s making me grow. My testimony is strengthened day after day that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. I love being a missionary. I love it!!!

Eu amo voces!

Sister Wolfgramm


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