I’ll take the cantaloupe because they can’t elope

Did any one else have a mini freak out when they saw a milk expiration date for September? Because we went grocery shopping today and I can’t believe it!! September is right around the corner… where in the world did August go?!

Anyways congratulations to Alex and Katherine because they both got married on Friday. Craziness.

This week was a crazy awesome week. A lot of emotions and A LOT of miracles. Monday night we (the missionaries) were in charge of FHE (family home evening) and guess what we played… HUMAN CHUTES AND LADDERS. yeah it was fantastic. Each of the ladders had something like "You got baptized!" or "You got married in the temple" etc. The chutes- or slides- had things like "You didn’t read your scriptures" or "You yelled at the neighbors" (for when you’re like 98 haha). The big 100 was making into the Celestial Kingdom and we, of course, had a little trick that instead of immediately going down the slide if you answered a gospel related question correctly, you got to "use the Atonement" and stay where you’re at! Fun right? Yeah. It’s was ๐Ÿ™‚ I now give permission for all my YSA aged friends who are in charge of FHE to use this idea.

Tuesday was a fun day… we met two awesome potential investigators and then we got lost. Aka we got off the wrong bus stop and walked for about 2 hours back into our area. haha Good thing I’ve been exercising every morning because I wasn’t sore the next day. It was fun to see a new part of Iowa and I got some great pictures (I’ll try and send those next week).

Oh speaking of next week- this Saturday we get transfer calls!! #HOWHASITBEENSIXWEEKSALREADY I’ll keep y’all posted next Monday.

Wednesday we met with a member of the branch and had another amazing lesson with him. We read 1 Nephi 3 and he shared some personal, powerful experiences about how that chapter relates to him. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES. Please read them… pretty please read them- Book of Mormon or Bible. I promise that if you read every day for 1 week for 5 minutes that you will see your life in the pages of the scriptures. Promise.

Thursday we met with another member of our branch and he shared his conversion story to the gospel. At the end he said a powerful, heartfelt prayer which really stuck out to me. I forget how precious prayer is… I forget that it’s actually a 2 way communication with MY Father just like prayer is a 2 way communication with YOUR Father. I want to be more sincere in my prayers… oh another thing I’ve been doing is right before I go to bed I say a prayer of gratitude. It’s only a prayer of gratitude… During the day I can ask for things (blessings, forgiveness, etc) but at night I just thank my Heavenly Father for everything He’s given me that day. It’s a great way to review the tender mercies I’ve received.

I forgot! On Thursday we knocked on 70 doors. It was great. haha call me crazy but I like knocking doors. It’s fun to see who is behind door number ____ and watch their faces. Most of the time you can see they think we’re straight up crazy but other times they’re really sweet.

Friday I, with Sister Bevan, went to a training meeting and basically everything in life relates to the gospel. Football? yup. Baseball? absolutely. Gardening? you best believe it. The gospel encompasses every part of our life. It’s meaning is deep and it’s significance is eternal. I love this gospel!!!

Saturday we helped our "YSA grads" (aka they got married two weeks ago) set up for their wedding reception. We also met with another member of the branch and basically D&C 129 is amazing.

Sunday was wonderful, as always, as we got to partake of the sacrament, visit with members, oh and I got to teach Gospel Principles! The teacher wasn’t there… so naturally they volunteered me. haha Good news is the Spirit took over and it went well ๐Ÿ™‚

I love y’all. Thanks for the e-mails, prayers, and letters. I really appreciate it. I hope you know how much I love you. I thought about home a lot this week and how grateful I am to have you all as my family. Keep on giving hugs to each other for me ๐Ÿ™‚

All my love,

Sister Wolfgramm


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