You’re beautiful when you don’t have bug bites on your legs

I’m short on time but I LOVE Y’ALL. Just wanted you to know that first and foremost 🙂

This week we had unofficial exchanges with another sister in the neighboring area- Sister Cambell! It was awesome to work with her and because she’s also a visa waiter we got to have language study COM JUNTO!!! It was otimo.

I don’t have many stories for you this week and I’m short on time. Ugh I feel lame for not writing more but this is all I’ve got:

-There’s always room for improvement

-The scriptures are the word of God therefore EVERY TIME we read them we receive some new insight

-The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real in every sense of the word. It is the focus of the Book of Mormon and plays a much bigger role in our day to day lives than we realize. I’m trying to study more about it this week. {Side note- Read 1 Nephi 4:13– last sentence. ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST}

-Laughter is the best medicine as is forgetting yourself and serving others

-Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs right now… look at me becoming a "southern belle" and everything… #bouttime

-Work is suppose to be FUN 🙂 so make it that way… sing, dance, smile… just enjoy it!

I love being a missionary. I’ve pinched myself about 10x this week saying, "Am I really out here now on my mission?!" I know God hears and answers prayers. I know the gospel is ture.

Eu amo voces com minha toda coracao

Sister Wolfgramm


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