Yah Yah… it means “life” in a small African country


Warning: this e-mails gonna be a random one haha

Basically this week was the bomb.com! We’ve seen miracle after miracle of our branch opening up, fellowshipping others, and strengthening their testimony in the little things like DAILY prayer and scripture study.

Exciting news: Our friend who got baptized last September (and who just got married past weekend) paid his tithing (10% of his income) FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I was so proud of him and it’s been amazing to see how his attitude and overall happiness has changed since when we first learned he wasn’t paying his tithing. Going along with that- this week I’ve learned something… the biggest blessing of being obedient is the peace we feel inside. Well, at least for me it is. Knowing that I’ve done what’s been asked of me gives me a calming assurance that I’ve done all I can and that He’ll take care of the rest. It’s kinda like a "saving your hide" feeling. haha

Ok where was I… oh yes. The past week in IC (Iowa City) is known as "homeless week" because everyone’s contracts are up. Fun fact for ya (Hamilton… please read that in your voice)- missionaries are excellent at moving people in and out! It only takes 1 hour if you’re 1) not a hoarder 2) packed all your things in boxes and it only takes 5 hours if you’re 1) a hoarder and 2) a crazy cat lady! Needless to say I got a great work out lifting boxes, couches, desks, etc. I love being a missionary!

On Friday we met with one of the members in our branch who has been struggling with his testimony. The Spirit truly guided and directed us… it was amazing. I wish y’all just sit in and watch lessons like that. My companion Sister Kissner was talking and I couldn’t pay attention because there was this pressure I felt on my heart and in my mind I heard, "He needs to know I love Him. Ask him what makes him worthy to be called My son." Not knowing how it would fit into the lesson we "planned" (aka things rarely go according to plan haha), I asked the question. He shared some pretty personal things and we as missionaries were able to promise him specific, powerful, promises. Uhh I love being a missionary. I’m going to be a blubbering mess when I have to leave Iowa and I’ve already decided that I’m never coming home from Brasil…. so…. yeah. #seeyaintheresurrection

Saturday we met with our ward mission leader’s fiance (LOVE HER) and she has set a date to finish the Book of Mormon by August 29th!!! So keep her in your prayers, ok? 🙂 Thanks.

To wrap things up… I get to build a house on my half birthday!!! Wahoooooo! I’m so excited. We’re working with Habitat for Humanity and it’s going to be legit. Also go check out these videos:

Carlos is from Brasil. Just LISTEN to that beautiful language!!! ❤

What are you willing to do to have the Spirit in your home?

When Jace Ely was ! (he’s about half way through I think)

Quote: "Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is success." -President David O. McKay

Eu amo voces!

Com amor,
Sister Wolfgramm

P.S- Y’all better be hugging each other AT LEAST 4x a day. Each. OK? I do NOT get enough hugs here!! #boohoomomentforsisterwolfgramm


2 thoughts on “Yah Yah… it means “life” in a small African country

  1. Brooke, last month the topics for YW Sunday lessons were “Ordinances and Covenants”. I love your question for self reflection. Here are two I shared with the YW of Center Branch, Alamosa Stake CO: 1/ Ask Heavenly Father daily “who needs me”? Then also ask Him to bring that person’s name to your mind. Then act on the impression. 2/ Ask yourself “What would a holy woman do?” Those two questions have made ripples through my life and home and drawn me closer to making my home and life a ‘haven’. Ofa atu again with hugs sent on the wind to Iowa City.

  2. Thank you, thank you, Brooke for sharing your mission memories. Yesterday in YW we were talking about “What can I do to prepare to be a righteous wife and mother?”. The YW listed qualities they wanted in a mate and for their family. I then asked them to tell me their ages [which ranged from 13y to 17y]. After that I asked them to add 6 years to their age and tell me how old they would be then [which ranged from 19y to 23y]. Then came the zinger…”Where do you see yourself in your life at that age?” The 19y old said “In college and preparing for a mission”…her vision caught my attention. At 19y old, I didn’t have the world view of my life. You and other young women truly have the whole world before you. Your service counts. Uncle and I pray for you and the other missionaries [especially the ones in from our family]. Be safe, be kind, be wise, be of service, and be my wonderful niece Brooke with the gorgeous smile and aloha spirit. Ofa atu to you from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Auntie C

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