“Half of my stomach is glowing with Love”

What a great week here in Iowa City!! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL- mid 70’s with a nice breeze. Ok enough about the weather haha

This week I had the chance to visit Nauvoo 🙂 #lovethatplace We saw the Nauvoo Pageant and needless to say I was crying for about half of it. The Spirit was strong as was the testimony that this is the restored, true gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!

Before the pageant Sister Bevan, Sister Kissner, and I were able to go to the Nauvoo Temple. It was a much needed trip and helped me re-focus on why I’m out serving a mission… to help bring Heavenly Father’s children back to Him. I wish everyone could to go the temple (hey y’all- you CAN!! 🙂 Just talk to the missionaries to find out how) and feel of the peace inside. Ahhh I love the temple!!!

We went to the Nauvoo pageant with our friend & investigator- she enjoyed the trip (we ate the delicious food at Hotel Nauvoo!!) and the next day read the Book of Mormon for an hour & a half AND she prayed out loud, in front of her fiance for the first time EVER. This gospel changes lives people- let it change yours too!!

Ok I’m just kinda all over the place today but really the Nauvoo trip was the highlight of my week but since I know you probably want something a little more… I’ve got some great quotes for y’all today so hold on to your seat!

– [about the Prophet Joseph Smith] "Only a man with a conscious clear before God could enjoy life so fully." When we utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we are cleansed from sin. When we utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we are cleansed from guilt. When we utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we have joy. My goal this week: be more joyful. I’ve got the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, what’s not to be joyful about?!

– "I’ll rest in God’s kingdom but first I must build it." I LOVE this quote. One of the many things I’ve learned on my mission thus far is how to work. Mom & Dad, I apologize for not being a harder worker "growing up"… I love being exhausted at the end of the day knowing I’ve given my all. I truly find joy in working: working effectively, efficiently, and with all my energy.

Being on a mission is the best thing in the world because you are full-time focused on building the Kingdom of God- and also building yourself. As I like to say, "a mission is the perfect opportunity to develop every good habit you’ve ever wanted."

Thanks mom & dad for teaching me the importance of the gospel, hard work, families, and service. I would NOT be here on a mission if it wasn’t for the way y’all raised me.

I love you all with all of my heart! I’m safe, I’m happy, and I’m a missionary!! 🙂

Sister Wolfgramm


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