I’m just getting on their level…. spiritually speaking.

First- time goes by WAY too quickly. especially during e-mail time.

Second- I LOVE the e-mails I’m getting!! Seriously family/friends… y’all are the best 🙂 Keep up the good work… if you could just do me a tiny favor… and add your address at the bottom of your e-mails. I’d really appreciate it 🙂 Because I have all day to write letters! I only have an hour to e-mail.

Third- Oh… yeah, I’m alive from last week’s tornado warning!! Haha… OH. Last Monday was a crazy day. Iowa’s weather is BIPOLAR. Just in case y’all were wondering.

Fourth- I love being a missionary!!!!!

How are things in Georgia/ the rest of the world doing?! How are my Bravos doing? Any engagement/wedding/baby announcements? Believe it or not I actually look forward to those now!! I guess that’s what you get from serving in a YSA branch. HA! Oh Heavenly Father has a sense of humor…

and He also blesses us much more than we deserve (well at least with me and Sister Bevan!) This past week we tried being more obedient and accomplishing our goals. It’s amazing how something so simple gives you blessings beyond words!!

On Wednesday night Sis. Bevan and I were planning our day for Thursday. We made the goal that we would talk to two people on one of the bus routes around campus between the hours of 7:30- 8:30 PM. Thursday came and as 7:30 approached we almost decided to walk instead of take the bus but we felt like "eh, betta not." (movie quote anyone?) so to the bus we went! Two guys were on the bench and asked us if we just got off work [perks of being a missionary: every one stares at you because even in 100 degree weather you're wearing skirts/nice shirts/ etc…]. Well considering that that was one of the first times people have talked to US (instead of vice versa) we spun around and striked up a conversation. They got on the same bus route as us, we got their contact information and found out that we were an answer to their prayers. We met with them (that’s a whole other incredible story!) on Saturday, gave them the Book of Mormon, they prayed about it and wanted to get baptized. Actually I want to share what one of them said after we prayed. "I asked Him a question and He just answered me. I heard a voice saying that this Book is true."

Is your jaw on the floor? Cause mine was. Sister Bevan and I have not stopped smiling and neither have the two guys we met. They’re getting baptized July 13th. AHHHH! 🙂

They both came to church on Sunday for ALL THREE HOURS. #seriousmiracle
They felt welcomed and said, "I can see myself coming here every week." I have never met two people more prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am still in awe and gratitude for the opportunity to get to know them and assist them in their journey to eternal life.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is restored completely again on this earth. I know that for a fact. There is evidence of it!! The Book of Mormon is another testament that Jesus is the Christ!! It is another testament that God loves every single one of His children.

Sister Bevan mentioned last night something that I’d like to share with y’all. As missionaries it’s important for us to have daily contact with our investigators because Satan has daily contact with them as well.

I never thought of it that way before but it’s so true! Satan has daily contact with us- missionary, investigator, or not. Heavenly Father tries to have daily communication with us but so often we miss the promptings or we forget to contact Him.
I love this video from youth.lds.org … I hope y’all watch it! In a world of daily contact with Satan, we need to go to the Source. We need to go to our Father- in prayer, in scripture study, in thought, in action- in everything.
( https://www.lds.org/youth/video/origin?cid=HPL2P06W01012&lang=eng )

Last week I finished with a quote but I left off one of the most important parts so here it is again:

"Walk by faith. Live by obedience. Lead by example. ***Never settle for less than you are promised. As a son or daughter of The Most High God, you are promised Celestial glory."

I love y’all. Thanks to each of you for your individual support, thought, and prayers. Heavenly Father is blessing me and I pray He is blessing you as well. Keep on keeping on 🙂

Sister Wolfgramm


2 thoughts on “I’m just getting on their level…. spiritually speaking.

  1. Just watched the video. It was I needed to see to start my monthly discussion with the YW of Center Branch on covenants. Malo aupito [tongan for ‘thanks’]. Uncle and I pray for you and your companion and for your cousin Tennyson too and his companion [in Brazil where you will be going someday]. Need to go and do my daily ‘stuff’. From Colorado, we send our love. Auntie C

  2. July is the month that I teach the Sunday lessons to the YW in our Center Branch. The topics this month is on covenants. I loved your ‘sharing’ with us about being obedient to you and Sister Bevan’s Thursday plan. I plan to use your sharing with our YW especially the amazing quote you finished with.
    As Prez of the YW I am continuing a practice that I started with myself when I was Branch RS Prez and that was “…Heavenly Father, whoever needs me have their name come to my mind and I will act…” I have a YW whose mother has been bombarded with anti-LDS literature. As a result, since March 16th this YW and the family have not been to church or associated with branch members. It has been troublesome. Yesterday the family name came to my mind. I did not want to visit, stop by, call, txt, … they live far away, I was busy,..you know the excuses. I finally went. No one was home. I stood in the rain waiting for someone to come to the door. Even tho’ windows were open, cars were in the driveway, no one came to the door. I finally left after 5 mins. Was I disappointed? Yes. Will I go again? Yes. Even if no one comes to the door? Yes. I realized the task was for me to be obedient to the promptings not for expectation of ‘warm ‘n fuzzies’ in doing.
    Keep planning Sisters. Keep doing and the work will progress.
    Congrats in being obedient to your Thursday plan and bringing two young men to the a greater light of knowledge and adventures in their life.
    Uncle pray for you and your cousin Tennyson as you labor in the world.
    Ofa atu with hugs and umas.
    Auntie C
    POB 214, Saguache CO 81149-0214
    PS: 4 of my YW read the Book of Mormon on their own completing June 26th.

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